What’s up on Wednesday?

So, I’ve had a pretty incredible week.

After a waaaay too late night, I headed to a great luncheon featuring interior designer, Jacqueline Glass. I had the pleasure of sitting beside Jackie at the lunch and what a pleasure. And of course, she was dressed in emerald green, Pantone’s 2013 colour of the year. Fun!

She talked about career paths and design trends and it was just what I needed. And did I mention that lunch was scallops with roasted squash, mushroom and spinach wellington? And some kind of awesome chocolate/berry thing for dessert? My workout is clearly going to suffer in this town, but yummo!

I wore my skinny black pants from Ann Taylor, my Smythe jacket (I did my MBA with one half of Smythe and figure I should support my fellow alumnus) and a burgundy silk top. I also pulled out my BR leopard bag and my Taryn Rose booties (love Taryn Rose – the only comfortable heel on the market, I think.)

January 16 Outfit via Polyvore (Banana Republic, Oasis, Smythe, Taryn Rose, Ann Taylor)

I have a couple of exciting things coming up for me in January including hanging out with some of my favourite people at Crossroads and an awesomely fun meet and greet I’ll write about soon (I love it when super-famous people share their faith walk.) On that topic, have y’all bought your tix for the Lead with Love conference in Feb? Chocolate, shopping, Kevin Leman and more! Run to the phone, girls, run to the phone.

No time to write, of course (see – just when I say I’ll write every day, some new cool thing comes up that takes my attention – I plan, God laughs!). Busy ramping up with this new project. After so many years at home, it’s weird to be back in this space. As I was telling a woman before the lunch, I used to have clients fly me around because of my intelligence and business acumen and now I get confused at Sobeys! Oh well, I assume those skills come back. It’s like riding a bike, right? (Speaking of which, did I show off my awesome new Yakkay bike helmet yet? This way, I can cycle safely on my pretty robin’s egg blue bike without people pitching rotten tomatoes at me for looking like I think Lance Armstrong is cool.)

Totally have to get one of those doggy bike baskets.

Serena is not so sure…

Until later…

Love to hear from you!

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