Theatrical Thursday: Moulin Rouge

Last weekend, my kids convinced me to give the terrain park a try. 41 year olds are not meant to do any sort of jump. Hello yard sale.

I have an ugly bruise where my ski boot hit and I hate flesh coloured hose but the genius folks at Philippe Matignon make a great nude tone fishnet that covers flaws, lasts forever and doesn’t make you look like Edith Frumpster. Love!

Of course, whenever I think of stockings, I think of Moulin Rouge (how’s that for a Theatrical Thursday segue!)

I love that movie. Yeah, the story was silly and the acting meh. But the music. The costumes. The sets! Oh, the sets! Baz Luhrmann is all about ambiance, which is why I love him. Counting down the days until The Great Gatsby (I have an ivory hand-beaded Jenny Packham 1920’s vibe dress and re-stored vintage grey and cream fur stole that I plan to wear the entire month of May to celebrate.)

So, Moulin Rouge… As far as I’m concerned, production designer Catherine Martin, set decorator Brigitte Broch and supervising art director Ian Gracie are super-awesome. I mean, a turn of the century Paris setting mixed up involving an Arabian-nights themed burlesque club inside a 3 story paper-maché elephant. Genius!

However, I’m guessing the worthies of Oakville and Toronto do not want their homes to look like a Parisian brothel, so how does one replicate this fab look in a realistic fashion?

OK, how addictive is Olioboard? It’s like Polyvore on crack. I smashed together some Victoriana with some Middle Eastern awesomeness. The prices are pretty decent on all of the pieces (mainly Urban Outfitters and One Kings Lane) as long as the shipping fairy god mother is in control of logistics. If money were no object, I’d add in a Fortuny Scheherazade light and some gold quatrefoil mirrors. And I’d do the walls in chocolate leather. Super glam.

My assistant promises to Walk Like An Egyptian, if I’ll let her sleep on one of those velvet chaises.

Well, that’s enough fun for today, my little cauliflowers.

Until tomorrow,

Love to hear from you!

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