Theatrical Thursday: Black Swan Glam

It’s March break and I was at a lunch thing with author Stormie Omartian today, which I’ll write about tomorrow. But, I wanted to write about all things theatrical because it’s Thursday and I saw two movies on the weekend – Argo and Black Swan.

Argo is fantastic. I don’t know why I never saw it when it was released. So good. I did like the vintage vibe: tub chairs, grass cloth, and the east meets west vibe of Ken Taylor’s home. Fab. But still, style was secondary to plot.

I also saw Black Swan since I’m getting a free preview of some movie channel on my satellite. I used to love this kind of film – all moody and dark and freaky – but since having kids, I can no longer tolerate anything too dark. But I watched it for the style, which is fantastic.

Production Designer Therese DePrez and Set Decorator Tora Peterson styled everything in black, white and grey with shots of pale pink.

Vincent Cassel is super creepy but his apartment: wow. Not exactly subtle metaphor-wise, but fantastic from a design perspective. It’s filled with stunning art by Walead Beshty, Douglas Gordon, Anish Kapoor, Glenn Ligon and a whole host of others. The art was featured in a show by an LA gallery after the filming wrapped.

I’d love to do a modern great room in Black Swan Chic.

And of course, great style would not be complete without something designed by Rodarte. Gorgeous costumes!

Until tomorrow,

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