Objects of Curiosity

I’m a big fan of objects of curiosity.

I love my gold pig

And my Santinis

My poodle

And my butterflies

My Wooster chandy

My Josephine

My Staffies

My pheasants

And my dog

Oh, and I’m partial to gargoyles too…

Just for that, you can say goodbye to those strawberry Manolos you love. 

So I was very excited when along with their telephone book of a spring catalogue, Restoration Hardware sent along a book of Objects of Curiosity. (This is not a sponsored post. It totally should be, but isn’t.)

Seriously, good stuff.

This 1920s German lightbulb voltage tester bar? Hello darling! This is the best of Industrial Elegance, the fifth of my go-to styles that I’ll highlight soon. I could see Dagny Taggart and Ragnar Danneskjöld bellying up to this bar. Adore.

This bust of Ariandne? Divine.

These handcrafted journals? To die!

The hat molds? Delish.

The eyeglass molds. So Gatsby.

And this? Yes, please.

I love the entire catalogue, which is something I’ve not said about Resto for a while.

Keep up the good work, RH.

Love to hear from you!

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