Weekend wrap up

It was a very busy weekend. On Friday, I met a friend for dinner at Weslodge Saloon. What a fun spot!

It bills itself as a refined saloon. I love the quirky decor:

They had a fab cocktail list. I decided to try one with tobacco liqueur. Yum!

And the menu! We shared ricotta dumplings, crispy hen and biscuits (to die for!), bison ribeye, thrice cooked fries, grilled snap peas and deconstructed peach melba. Needless to say, I felt I needed to go for a run the next morning.

Saturday was Oakville’s Fall Fest. My pal Melinda and I wandered the main street for several hours. I picked up a classic black sequin sheath dress for a song. I love deep discounts on in-season merchandise.

During our Lakeshore shopping, we got photo-bombed by a guy on stilts.

I lingered over every Diptyque candle at Soap and Water. Feu de Bois or Galliano. Decisions, decisions…

I also realized that I know quite a few people in this town. I’m an introvert and meeting people is not my strong-suit but between the club, the school, two churches, the bf’s large social circle, and friends of new friends, I can’t go anywhere without bumping into someone I know. (Never again will I do my croissant and coffee run to Whole Foods on a Saturday morning as the cool-down portion of my run. As I’m looking gross and out of breath at the cash, the people behind me reminded me that we’d been at a party together a couple of months ago. Mortified!)

Late Saturday night, I crashed a Gatsby party. I’d had an earlier engagement and did not feel right about showing up late at first. As the evening progressed, I was convinced otherwise and so threw on a LBD, pearls, a 20s-style headband and a fur stole. Fun evening! Like, as in ‘professional singers whose albums I own doing karaoke’ kind of fun. And apparently, you can be forgiven a variety of social faux-pas (like crashing a party) as long as you bring your own gin.

Sunday, I slept until 10! So, sadly I could not attend the service at The Meeting House. I’ve really come to love the music there and miss it when I don’t go. I did listen to Revelation Song several times though to partly make up for it.

I had brunch at O&B. More yum. I should let the fact I need to be in a bathing suit in three months govern my behaviour a bit more, I suspect. Oh well. Sunday afternoon was spent relaxing and marvelling at the newest rainbow loom creations. Wow, I wish I’d invented that! I watched the Long Island Medium marathon. Why has nobody told me about that show?? So good. I bawled. It’s been added to my old-lady tv roster.

And then I listened to the trailer song a bunch of times.

It was a pretty perfect fall weekend, which feels like such a gift. I purchased my house a year ago last week and can’t believe how much different (and improved!) my life is. The saying ‘don’t give up’ comes to mind. As one of the Gastby-ers said, God is faithful.

I hope y’all had a lovely fall weekend. I’m spending this week up to my eyeballs in business reading so I’ll check back in on Friday.

Love to hear from you!

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