Jamaica: In

Happy New Year!

It never ends…

I just got back from a week in Jamaica. Given that it’s been minus 40 Celsius here, I felt very lucky.  I’ve never been to Jamaica before and did not know what to expect. But I figured that if Ralph Lauren likes it…

The resort was one of these all-inclusive jobbies and that was something new for me too. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to have some really unique Caribbean experiences such as feeding lettuce to the rock iguanas on Allen’s Cay, diving for conch shells, and having a drink at MacDuffs courtesy of some boat owning friends, so I was not sure if the all-you-can-eat compound experience would appeal. I like a vacation to enlarge my world view and I was afraid it simply might enlarge my waistline.

My inner snob was quickly made to eat humble pie (and rum balls and banana cake and fried ice cream.) This was one of the best vacations I’ve ever had – and certainly the most relaxing. 

The resort was about six weeks old and there were some teething pains (disorganized check in, shifting restaurant hours, no shampoo.) But there were big water slides and a sports bar with poutine, and jerk chicken grilled al fresco, and a beautiful white sand beach. The staff were all very friendly. 

The kids were in heaven:

We all hung out on the beach to ring in 2014. It’s not officially a new year until you have your boyfriend snap a duckface picture of you. 

(It looks as though Santa brought me a bagful of filler this year and I traded eyes with Renee Zellweger)

Did I mention that there was a martini bar?

As a result of the laid-back environment, I made a resolution to be more irie in 2014. When I get out of my own way, things just flow. It’s so the opposite of how I naturally function but the gift of everything that happened over the last five years was to learn that I’m not in control. I’ll be blogging more about this later in the week when my brain is less rum-addled but my view certainly shifted as a result of this holiday.

It was my forty-somethingth birthday while I was away and we celebrated with an Italian dinner at the resort and then a bespoke fire show at the teppanyaki restaurant we’d eaten at the night before 

And then I had one of these.

Birthday martinis are so much better than cake!

The island was gorgeous. The kids and I climbed Dunn’s River Falls. I have to take my photos to be developed as I needed one of those disposable waterproof cameras. The kids were amazed by the old-school technology. 

We toured the countryside.

I read Farewell, Dorothy Parker.

And I did laps in the ocean. Heaven!

After a week, I was so relaxed that even the five hour tarmac debacle at Pearson on our return left me unfazed. 

Jamaica, you are magical indeed. 


  1. The tiara is very ambidexstrous, on the cute dogstar and on the stylish mama!. Loved those all inclusive jobbies when the kids were young and truth be told they still work now the kids are teens, everyone is happy!


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