Home for a rest

I intended to post yesterday but was knackered after the weekend. I decide to do a little mini break with the kids and stay overnight up in ski country. Rarely do I feel like a single mother in that “look at the poor single mother” kind of way. I’ve been on my own since the children were tiny and thankfully have the support to make my life less grim than many in my situation. But this weekend I felt like a single mother because an overnight ski holiday with two kids and a dog is not a piece of cake. There is a lot of gear to haul even when we have the luxury of a ski locker. And don’t even talk to me about family BINGO night, which, unbeknownst to me, is a kind of blood sport. Unless you come with an entourage of 15 to guard your table and preordered your food last March, you will find yourself sharing two chairs and no table with your very hungry children. We were pizza number 50-something and they appeared to be making them one at a time.

But still, we had some fun.

Nice enough, I suppose. But it pales compared to Kitzbuehel.

I needed a day to recover from our travels (and my diet of poutine, beaver tails, and the hickory sticks I consumed while waiting for the pizza). I made myself some Magical Breakfast Cream per French Women Don’t Get Fat.

And watched a bit of The Paradise (Downton so disappointed, that I had to latch onto another British costume series immediately.)

I put on the blush blouse from Montreal’s Boutique 1861 that is the inexpensive fun piece in this season’s capsule wardrobe. They are a great little online find for french chic accents.

Hope you all had a lovely start to your week.


  1. I admire you for skiing with two children!!! I took a break for many years after one particularly frustrating and expensive trip with my daughter when she was little, and I was determined to keep up. It got pretty hard to put four skis, four poles, and a small child over my shoulder!!! We are so sad to be over Downton as well! Oh well, more time for reading….


  2. Yes, I think you will look stunning in that shade too. your weekend sound busy I think I would struggle with a dog now, I am so used to being on my own and doing my own thing.


  3. I have just spent the last hour lost in your beautiful and thought provoking-blog. You seem similar to where I was when I started blogging, I am reading between the lines, but I sense a similar tale of people who you thought you could trust creating the worst kind of prolonged mental torture. Whatever the outcome, it takes a while to get back from that. Blogging is the perfect way to reconnect with the world, lovely people and a nice way of rediscovering all the things that we might otherwise take forgranted.(PS I found you via Cynthia's beautiful blog)


  4. Have not done the last two seasons of DA, gone in a complete other direction with binge watching The Wire with result that am now talking like a drug dealer re-upping their stash on the East Side. A'ight, ya feel me? (And good on you for doing the ski trip with your kids, I've been there and it really is home for a break.)


  5. I must try Paradise on Sunday. I haven't watched any of the Downton Abbey episodes that I've recorded this season because I heard the plot line had turned sort of nasty this year. I'm not a fan of purposely exposing myself to nasty. I just noticed that you use darling in your comment box! It's crossed my radar this week and I've decided I love the word!


  6. What do you think of The Paradise? I'm debating assigning the novel to the students in my fashion theory class . . . Does it provide a good visual entree into the department store world? And btw, I enjoy tricking my innocent American students into thinking beaver tails are the real thing. Oh, for a beaver tail along the Rideau Canal while ice-skating!


  7. I'm enjoying the series and the costumes and setting are gorgeous. As the show depicts an ambitious shopgirl attempting to learn the dept store business, there is discussion of merchandising, garment quality, customer demographics etc. I've not read Zola's novel so not sure how it compares in this area. Your students are lucky if this is assigned reading!


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