Weekend Recovery

Being a single work-at-home mom, means that my weeks operate in reverse of the normal population. From Monday to Friday, I putter around, doing yoga, and getting groceries and doing laundry and reading and writing and meeting new contacts. The days are full since I’m finally starting to build a business, but I have time to meet a friend for coffee. Even some of my work is relaxing (yesterday I met a woman who works in a potentially overlapping space so while it was work-focused, it was a lovely conversation over a latte…) When the kids get home from school, we run around with activities, homework, etc. but it’s still more like most people’s Saturdays than most people’s Mondays.

The weekends I have my kids, however, are full-on. Right now we are in ski season, which means loading the car with luggage, kids, and the dog. I make sure the car has enough windshield wiper fluid. If the car gets covered in ice (as it does up north) or the wipers get stuck, I deal with it (we had to do a pit stop in Barrie on the way home.) I drag everyone and everything to the room, the hill, the pool. I get all the boots on. I get them on and off the lift. Lunch at the ski club is always a petite nightmare as all of the kids in lessons have a one hour lunch window and there seem to be two people for every chair. And everything is done in hard plastic ski boots (I can’t carry a tray of food at the best of times!) Each year it gets easier as the kids can do more and more on their own, but it is still pretty tiring.

Plus, I have to smile all the time. For the last year and a half, I’ve done nothing but meet new people. I have a new ski place, a new school, a new neighbourhood, a new church, a new club. It’s been fun but I’m a pretty deep introvert so it’s not added to my energy levels (that whole ‘it takes less energy to smile than frown’ thing must be bunk!)

This weekend was extra long due to a PA day on Friday, and I then added Super Bowl prep onto the weekend. I’m not a football person, but I like the Super Bowl (even though, as Canadians, we are robbed of the clever commercials.) The kids love the junk food and the half-time show and staying up late and feeling part of something big. Plus, I think they should have a passing acquaintance with the game (the fact they were referring to home runs at one point was troubling…) Serena is a fan too, but was devastated about her Broncos.

I had $300 in organic raw beef patties and a squeaky toy riding on that game…

Personally, this was my favourite part of the night:

What a fantastic jacket: just seeing it made me feel happy. Does it have a twitter feed a la Pherrell’s hat yet?

And then the weekend was over and I could relax. Thank God it’s Monday, as they say. This week, I’m being quite disciplined about putting my business plan into action: research, accounting – all the glamour stuff. Thank heavens there is a new copy (we are a month behind in the colonies…) of Tatler for my downtime.

Enjoy your week, kittens!


  1. That was the highlight of the Super Bowl for me too!! Of course PETA is in an uproar and suggesting that Joe should have worn faux fur. That is a lot of new things in a year for you. I find it exciting to start new things, but it is a lot of work. I'm exhausted, just from reading about your ski weekends. Whew! Enjoy your glamorous week darling.


  2. That jacket was just so over-the-top, in-your-face fantastic. I wish I was brave enough to flout political correctness and stride about like a magnificent beast but I too fear the wrath of PETA and slink around in discreet collars reminding people of the year I was a vegan!


  3. I'm glad you ladies liked the coat but it's even cooler if you know the backstory of “Broadway Joe” being the toast of NYC after guaranteeing his heavy underdog New York Jets would win the 1969 Super Bowl and then did and the legendary photo of him in 1973 roaming the sideline (while injured) wearing an almost identical coat which any red-blooded American boy of my era has seared into his memory. The store that made him that coyote coat is doing land office business according to a news flash I just read.My condolences to Serena..


  4. Wow, I really admire you doing the ski thing by yourself. Gloves, gas, fluid, the count of the doings is endless. We did every weekend up to Tahoe for six years and then last year stopped suddenly and I haven't missed it, well the drive anyway. I miss the mountains. Did not see that big furry coat – ha!


  5. I heard someone refer to Broadway Joe during the commentary but I did not know the history. Very cool. He has a lot of moxie.Serena is devastated. As a former champion showdog, she hates to lose.


  6. I think I am the only human in North America who did not watch the Super Bowl, but watching it with Serena looks heavenly. She is adorable. I really admire the way you get out there, and are making new friends, and starting a new business!! It can be scary. Im in the process of learning how to start up a tiny one, and its daunting!!!


  7. It is scary, but exciting too. I look forward to hearing more about your plans and adventures (and Alice's and Chase's, of course!) We do seem to be blessed with interesting lives (much more interesting than the one I thought I'd be living, for sure.)


  8. This is a fun post Jen! I remember doing lots of skiing as a kid and all those things you describe are part of the scene. To do them as a single parent is quite an undertaking. I totally get it-your weekdays are your more structured, calm times. Good luck with the upcoming weekend! xx, Heather


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