Cozy weekend

This weekend was a cozy one. While the rest of the world far and wee is mud-lucious, we are still up to our chins in ice and snow.

No wonder we won golds in hockey.

My furnace decided to misbehave, but thankfully I have one of these insurance policies where everything is covered so they installed some new gimcrackery and all was right again. I saved over $600 because of the insurance.

Ideas, ideas…

Since I was chilly for a good deal of Friday before the furnace got sorted, it was a good weekend for soup and The English Home.

The BF threw a Jamaican-themed dinner party. Did I mention that in addition to cooking a mean jerk chicken, he shows up with flowers to cheer me?

Back off, ladies. He’s not available.

I decluttered my house some more. Now that my closets have been tackled, I wanted to turn my attention to my kitchen and china cabinet. There is nothing more satisfying than filling a bag for the charity shop.

I did not have too much clutter. I’ve moved 5 times in the past 7 years so I’ve weeded out a lot of things but it’s still amazing how much one accumulates. I decided that I no longer want seasonal items like Christmas china or Easter serving plates. I find that the best way to battle the dreaded wants is to only allow very specific items into my home now (there has been a lot of smart discussion of this topic in the wantosphere blogosphere lately.)

Now, I’m down to my blue and white everyday china.

Now that you’ve discovered my dark chocolate stash, I’m afraid I can’t let you leave…

and my Minton set for fancy pants occasions.

Yes, I’m aware stacking cups like that puts pressure on the handles but it’s just so pretty.

Unless you are blue and white ware or Minton, you cannot come home with me, no matter how much you cajole. I’m a woman of standards. (Nicholas Kirkwood, I’m still open to discussing shoes however…)

I organized my kitchen so that everything has a place. Now that I’ve been in my house for just over a year, I have a much better sense of flow, so I shuffled things around to work better for me. I love to be able to reach for a spatula and have it where it’s supposed to be. So calming.

I’ve started to write business pieces again for my own business (I sometime ghost blog for others.) At dinner on Saturday, I spent a lot of time talking about business ideas, which means that I’m getting back into the groove. It’s been a long time coming.

I hope you all had happy and relaxing weekends.


  1. Jamaican Dinner Party? In college a guy down the hall used to have those that I noticed always ended with convulsive giggles followed by a dash to Taco Bell for the munchies.


  2. Your Minton is so pretty. I had no idea stacking was hard on the handles. I've been totally agreeing with the blog discussions on wants, but you did save all that money on your furnace repair. And a clever person I read (you) reminds me that self care is so essential. Quiet weekend here with too many eating out adventures. I see a diet in my future.


  3. Hi Jen – I'm loving your blog, we lived in Oakville nearly 20 years ago, in a little townhouse on the other side of the QEW – we most certainly could not afford to live there again, but have fond memories. I just read your post on The Lego Movie – very interesting, thanks for the link. My almost-18 year old son went yesterday with his buddy, sitting among all the little kiddies. He wrote on FB: 'The Lego Movie made me feel things that I've kept repressed since Marley & Me. 10/10, will promptly fight a bear and build a shed to regain manliness.' He loved it!


  4. Hello, Jen. I've been lurking on your blog for ages, and I absolutely love it. I'm in the process of de-cluttering as well, and finding it very hard to part with my treasures. You're a good inspiration. Bonnie


  5. I hear you on the diet front. I've eaten far too much this winter. I'll be on a slimming regime soon so I can get into my spring clothes, which are far less forgiving than cashmere knit dresses!


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