Rayna James and Crying on the inside

Last week was a busy one. There were some decisions to make around the current book:

This weekend, we had a little jaunt into the city. I got to put on my suburban-hipster-hits-Big-Smoke outfit of motocross pants, ladies-who-lunch jacket, tissue t, and ancient, street-worn patent Louboutins.

Channeling my inner Julie Gayet 

We saw The Other Woman at the local multiplex. I know the critics have trashed it but I loved it. I totally identified with Leslie Mann’s deposed Stepford Wife character but wish I were more like Cameron Diaz’s straight-talking lawyer: “Cry on the inside, like a winner,” she tells Mann’s increasingly unhinged character.

I have a real respect for women who know who they are and stand up for themselves: Kelly Cutrone and Nashville’s Rayna James come to mind.

Speaking of girl crushes, I also have crazy respect for writer Justine Musk. Her latest piece, how not to care so much what other people think, is amazing. If you are working on your courage muscles, it’s a fantastic read.

Enjoy the sun and the tulips.

And remember to stop and smell the magnolias.


  1. Ahhhh Jen-I'm just taking a few to catch up with your beautiful blog, your gorgeous little dog, and all the fun. It does sounds like you've had some good girlfriend time (I can hardly wait to see that movie myself). The books you are recommending sound intriguing. With the blog move, travel and work I must admit the only real reading I've done is 30 minutes of Vogue yesterday. Love your insights. Here's to a good warm up for you this week. xx, Heather


  2. Now that's a good, full week — food, fun, friends, art and good work busy. I do watch Nashville, it's a little trashy but good entertainment and the music is great. Serena is such a funny dear, she makes me laugh.


  3. You have a very enviable wardrobe, everything has really good bones.I just love going to art exhibitions, that and the opera and plays are my favourite jaunts out.


  4. You did have a busy week, I am loving that organic pottery – and your outfit. isn't that fun, whizzing around in a taxi looking for a place, haven't done that in eons That writer – “writer Justine Musk. Her latest piece, how not to care so much what other people think, is amazing. If you are working on your courage muscles, it's a fantastic read.” will get that toot sweet, I'm not sure if its lack of courage, but I am procrastinating something crazy these days…


  5. When I read “suburban hipster hits Big Smoke”, I thought you'd just made a buddy movie with Chevy Chase. That is a nice outfit even if Serena wasn't impressed.


  6. 'It's been a long time since I piled into a cab with the girls and had the driver take us from place to place until we found someplace fun.' I HAVE NEVER DONE THAT! Clearly I am going to have to visit you …'Suburban-hipster-hits-Big-Smoke' is brilliant. You look gorgeous, too.


  7. Great post Jen. And what a handsome looking PWD. I hope Serena isn't too intimated being in the presence of a Presidential canine.


  8. Thanks, lovely lady. The scaled-down wardrobe approach is making me opt for better, more universal pieces. I have not been to the opera in ages but do try to see a decent play a couple of times a year. Right now I'm into concerts: I think I'm maturing in reverse.


  9. Love Justine Musk: her bad ass approach to creativity is inspiring! The art was fantastic. My current collection is comprised almost almost exclusively of late 19th and early 20th C oils but I'm feeling a hankering to add some more contemporary pieces!


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