Friday Update

So, I hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s Day. I spent mine at the club. They now have a lobster grilled cheese sandwich on the menu. Feelin’ the love. Then the kiddos and the dog and I piled into a great big heap and watched home design shows. (I’m going to have to watch this habit: the other day my son announced, “We must scrape the popcorn ceiling in my bedroom.”) Anyhow, it was hard not to feel super-blessed.

I worked out this morning. I’d planned to lightly jog this morning on the treadmill before my weights routine, but I had one of those people beside me who keeps dialling up the intensity to be just a tiny bit faster than you. You know the type. Anyhow, before you knew it I was running like a bride-to-be at the Kleinfeld sale. I must say, this workout thing has been a blessing. Today, the view was particularly amazing. It’s hard to not believe in God when the sun comes through the clouds over the water. And then when that view gets old, one can always watch Mr. Beefcake lift, like, 700 pounds. Nothing wrong with that.

After that, I ran around doing errands. La Frenchie needed her nails trimmed , so I took her over to the groomer, who is located dangerously close to Petits et Jolis, who is still having the 50% off everything sale. The lovely Tamara was prettifying some furniture but she still had a wee but of time to chat. This is why I love shopping at owner-operated place. You just don’t get the same quality of conversation at a chain (although I must say, even the Walmart cashiers are really nice in Oakville on those rare occasions where I have to expose myself to fluorescent lighting.) Anyhow, I picked up a gorgeous little Santini-style Artemis sculpture for $32.50.

I always thought Artemis was the coolest lady in the Pantheon: all that girl power. They also had a gorgeous Pietà there but I think I may be too Anglican for it. 

Well, I got my little project handed in, so I can just relax this weekend. That is if you call skiing, playdates, badminton and the Auto Show relaxing. But in between, I can watch my PVRed Million Dollar Decorators (please, no spoilers – I don’t want to know if Martyn got the cover of Luxe until I see the show!) and flip through this:

I mean, seriously, is that not the best cover ever? I always find it’s nice to steel myself with a hit of vicarious luxury before a weekend stuffing feet in ski boots.

And some little diva just plans to relax and be spoiled by the grandparents.

Well, play safe, kittens.

Love to hear from you!

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