The Holiday Catalogue as Life

At this time of year I get deluged with catalogues, a side effect of preferring to shop from home. Many are pretty glossy things. The Eric Bompard one, as an example, includes strands of their cashmere wool so you get the colour right when ordering a sweater. My favourites catalogues, however, are the ones that promise a lifestyle: the holiday issues tend to feature shiny families having snowball fights.

This year, in terms of promising the most appealing lifestyle, I think Land’s End is the winner. I am not a huge fan of Land’s End clothes except for their absolute basics, but –  oh! –  do I ever want to be part of the Land’s End family. They are like the Kennedys without the philandering.

If I lived in the Land’s End catalogue, I could stand around in my tartan shirt and fresh highlights, waiting to enjoy a meal I effortlessly cooked:
Or I could have a heart to heart with a child who always stands like a ballerina. I love how my boat tote matches her skirt! And how all that yoga is allowing me to sit in a squat while balancing a bag full of gin bottles! 

I think I could be a Land’s End gal only for a couple of days, though, because – let’s face it – coordinating all of those matching outfits would be exhausting. Plus, you just know that crazy Uncle Louis is hiding behind the curtains in the dining room like Polonius behind the arras. Perfect is never what it seems.

I don’t have the legs to be an Anthropologie girl but I’d love to have nothing better to do than lounge around around the Paris Opera House, showing off my jutting collar bones.

Actually, that’s not true. I’d be stressed that the laundry was piling up while I was twirling around.

I could not be a J. Crew girl on a permanent basis. They are always making weird faces, no? What on earth could she be thinking?

I’ve not bought much at J. Crew since the halcyon days of 2003 to 2008, but I still enjoy flipping through the catalogues.

I wore this J. Crew jacket to a party the other day and it got many kudos. I think it’s from 2006. Timeless.

The Really Wild lifestyle appeal. They too are gadabouts but seem to be more uptight about it, which better suits my temperament of stressed-out writer.

What catalogues would you live in if given the choice?


  1. Well of course I'd like to live in a Brora catalogue as you can probably guess. I think the LE marketing team did a good job this year, I agree. Such an attractive family.I have that jacket, isn't it perfect? I wore it this fall too, we had the perfect temps to wear those jackets this year, I really made use of my collection of them. XO


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