Wedding Prep, Art House and Swans

Lots on the go, these days.

We had a chance to sample some items on our wedding menu. We are getting married on New Year’s Eve in Oakville and are opting for a party, rather than a formal dinner. So we are choosing a dinner’s worth of food and booze in party food. Super fun.

We also met with the minister. Super impressed with the Anglicans these days. They are a skilled blend of modern and traditional.

The dress accessories (jacket and shoes) are coming along well. Since it’s NYE, I’m going a bit edgy. Think Studio 54 meets 1980s ballgown.

 We went to a little shindig for Art House, which is a local charity that provides arts programs for young kids who might not otherwise have access to them. We saw a dance production by the students at Sheridan College and it was fantastic. Apparently they pulled it together in 10 days. Given that I am still mastering the choreography for my step class that launched in January, I’m very impressed!

In related news, Mr. Dwell and I will be taking some dancing classes in advance of our nuptials. I took some ballroom classes for fun in undergrad but could never find a partner tall enough to dip me. This time around, I can be dipped!

 The new spring clothes are coming out, but I have houses on the brain. We will be buying a house this spring and it’s taking all of my focus. I have painters in, giving my house a little face lift in anticipation of the sale. It’s all very promising at this point!

 I find that people keep pulling me into discussions of Jian Ghomeshi, Bill Cosby, and the like because they know I have strong opinions on this topic. But I’m in a season of my life where I think I should just get to enjoy picking paint colours for a while. I will have my season of activism, but right now I still have my oxygen mask firmly attached. I sometimes feel twangs of guilt but realize it’s not up to me to solve the world’s problems and I can have some fun too. In fact, I must!

 I hope you are having a safe and happy pre-spring. The weather has been all sorts of strange as we bounce between minus 28 and plus 15. Those End of Days people must be having a field day with all the weirdness.

I’ve been too busy to read a lot, but I read Bubbly on Your Budget by Marjorie Hillis, which is a 1937 guide to living the good life on a budget. I loved it (there are some dated points, naturally, but I was able to overlook them.)  I’m currently in the middle of The Swans of Fifth Avenue by Melanie Benjamin and it is terrific. It’s well worth picking up if you are obsessed with Truman Capote’s swans like I am. I’m re-rereading Susanne Salk’s A Privileged Life simultaneously for context.

The writing is going well. Or shall I say rewriting and rewriting and rewriting. Which is all part of the process… At least I’m enjoying the world I’m creating and like to spend time in it.

Hope all is well in your world!

 Stay safe and happy, kittens.


  1. What an elegant and fun party your wedding will be, I love the direction you're taking with the food. And the outfit! Oh my gosh it is an exciting year for you, and the house! Very thrilled for you. We had a proper ice storm yesterday and now more snow, it's quite a mess outside. I think you should keep that oxygen mask on firmly! It is your paint-colours time for sure. And great book recommendations, FF is reading that book on the Swans right now too, it's a sign I must get it.Must source that 1937 guide as well. Thanks for the recommendations as always. Happy writing, you're such a big talent I know it will be wonderful. XO


  2. Try not to feel guilty, for disengaging yourself temporarily from the woes of the world. We only have one life,and squandering it on people and things we can't control is something I struggle with.It's not selfish to devote your time and energy to wonderful things that are happening for you. Enjoying life, is something to celebrate, and share with others.Have fun!


  3. Your wedding is definitely going to be a fabulous party!!! Yes we can't solve the world's problems – well actually we could but for some reason we don't have the power of some but then even politicians can't get much done so just have fun!! xx


  4. Life is GOOD!!! I love hearing about your wedding plans and all the excitement of this new phase of life. Home design is much more fun than politics if you ask me! Looking forward to hearing more about your plans. xx


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