Moving and Makeup

After years of living side by side, Mr. Dwell and I have bought a house. In order to fetch our price, we had to agree to a quick sale so we get possession in early spring. 
It’s exciting but it means that my house has to go on the market soon. I’ve started to pack so that my house looks like nobody lives here, and the painter is busy giving the place a fresh face. 

The transformative power of paint never ceases to amaze me, whether it’s on the walls or on one’s face. (If you doubt this, read Babe Paley’s dialogue in The Swans of Fifth Avenue.)

The other evening, we were going to a fundraiser and I wanted to make sure my warpaint was intact lest I run into any hostile creatures at the crossroads at midnight.

This was my battle plan:

I hate foundation, so I avoid it like the devil.  (If I must attend a full-slap occasion like a White Tie dinner with the President, or anything that people from my high school will be at, I wear Chanel PERFECTION LUMIÈRE VELVET in Beige Rosé as it’s the only foundation I can stand.) 
I slap on concealer like aloe on a sunburn. I like Chanel CORRECTOR PERFECTION in Beige Rosé as it’s super blendable with a concealer brush. I put it on anything that looks amiss. Canadians can get it at Hudsons Bay, selected Shoppers Drug Marts and Chanel stores. In the US and Europe, it seems as though it’s available on every street corner: lucky things. 
I slap on Bobbi Brown’s Tinted Eye Brightener in Porcelain Bisque because it’s what Nigella wears to look like this:
You don’t fool around when you get chance to channel Nigella.  
If I still have under-eye circles, I use Benefit Eye Bright in the corners. You should have to have a Hogwarts diploma to pull that sucker out: pure magic. 
I then throw some Chanel highlighter in 12 COUPS DE MINUIT (discontinued) on the tops of my cheekbones and forehead and some Chanel Healthy Glow bronzer in 25 on the sides of my face like all of the beauty bloggers recommend. I use the Guerlain Météorites brush because it’s so pretty! 
Blush is my very best friend in the world. I usually use Chanel Les Beiges HEALTHY GLOW SHEER COLOUR STICK in 21 as my blush base and then brush on Nars Orgasm over top. I blend with the Chanel PINCEAU FOND DE TEINT ESTOMPE BLENDING FOUNDATION BRUSH #7.
I’ve been a fan of tight-lining my eyes ever since seeing Daily Connoisseur Jennifer Scott’s everyday makeup tutorial. I use Laura Mercier’s Tightline Cake Eyeliner in Brown Mahogany for day and Black Ebony when I need to channel my inner Clémence Poésy. 

For eyeshadow, I like Bobbi Brown’s Nude on Nude Eye Palette. Any colour is perfection.

I use whatever mascara I got for free with some purchase. Bobbi Brown and Nars are both good and are handed out like candy these days.

I’m still figuring out a brow fix. I have my grandmother’s Swedish (read, non-existent) brows so I have to do something. For a long time, I went to the salon to have them tinted, but they always make me look like Ernie or Bert on day one and then my brows are barely visible by the end of the week. So far, I’ve tried Bobbi Brown, Radford, Benefit, and Joe Fresh mascara-like brow tint. Joe Fresh in the darker tint is the winner so far and it’s only $12. Pencils are too fussy and the other ones go on like a Sharpie, giving me that Uncle Leo look. If you have any brow tips for mouse brown/grey/dyed ashy blonde highlighted hair, I’d love to hear them.

Lips depend: I tend to like classic red or beige. I’m into a pale gloss right now by Victoria Radford in Cloud 9. It’s very pretty and gives me back a bit of that Kim Basinger lip thing I had going when I was much younger.

The whole thing takes about 5 minutes (unless I do red lips because that requires a steady hand). I find the good brushes and blendable shades are what allow me to do good makeup fast.

Hopefully you do not have to engage the makeup arsenal, but if you do, hopefully this makes it a little quicker….

Are any of you watching the Bachelor? What is Ben doing? Everyone KNOWS you don’t say the L word to multiple people. That’s, like, a RULE! I suspect JoJo’s formidable brothers may be opening up a can of whoop-ass on Mr. Higgins next week. I’m so glad that this is now the biggest drama in my life!

I hope you are all having a good start to March. Ours came in like a lion with a bunch of snow. The busses are cancelled, but given that I have drop cloths and paint trays all over my house, I made sure my SUV made it to the school. Let’s hope the month goes out like a lamb!

Take care kittens,


  1. Oh gosh this post has reminded me that I really need to buy some new make-up. It's so weird because it's not something I really enjoy buying. But yesterday MrBP took Lil Rascal on a shopping trip to Saks before the Raptors game and he says I'll love it, so I might make a trip in to procure the make-up and wander around. Seven floors I think he said? Hope the housepainter gets things done quickly for you and that the selling process is even faster! XO


  2. I go to Marca Hairstyling school for brow tints. (Irish/English background; same pale brows) I get natural brown; it may be a bit dark but my brows aren't super thick so I think it's fine also darkish even more heavy brows seem in style. It lasts a month and I pay $9 plus tip. And they're very nice. And I don't have to think about it once it's done.


  3. I've given up foundation; but I can't live without my Biotherm BB creme and a Jouviance BB creme like product. All other (and I have spent a small fortune) including luxury brand products settle in my lines, and look, and feel terrible.For brows I'm on my 4th Dior pencil. It's THAT good. I also use a Smashbox powder/wax combo in Taupe on my blonde/grey/white over plucked and non existent eyebrows.


  4. I get it online because I hate people poking at my face in the store. But a pilgrimage to Saks sounds good. I hear the shoes are fantastic! I'm up to my eyes in packing boxes these days. My layered look is not for the masses and delayering my space is taking up time! Next house, I'm embracing zen minimalism I think! xo


  5. I so need to sort out my war paint too. Some of it is older than my children!!!! My mother had her non existent eyebrows tattooed on. I thought it a mistake at first as they were very harsh for about 6 weeks, she was warned an=bout that but after that they have been fabulous and she need not do anything to them now even 3 years later.


  6. Psci have missed these posts somehow?!?!Anyway can I suggest and it's only a suggestion you try cc cushion – it might not be the right shades but there are two koresn brands which I swear by now. Hera and iope I think there must be a Korean make up store near you?


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