Excess Baggage

Thank you for the brow tips! I have some new makeup ideas to chase.

Right now, I am up to my ears in boxes. This is my 6th move in 8 years and thankfully I run pretty lean as a result. Still, I like a layered look to my decorating and delayering for the staging process of selling my house is a big task. I’m doing a heavy spring cleaning at the same time so it’s a lot of physical work, which helps me burn off nervous energy. (This is a very happy move but I’ve had lots of unhappy ones and there is some phantom trauma coming through at times. )

The painting is all finished now and the house looks nice and polished. Now, we just need to keep little fingers (and dog noses) off the walls! 
In non-moving news, Serena passed the test to be a therapy dog. Part of the test involved someone pushing a broom and I was sure she would fail (she likes to eat brooms.) Happily, the test environment was very much like the dog show environment of her youth and once she was in the ring, she was a little star. She always makes people smile, so I thought it would be nice to take her into hospitals and nursing homes. This will be a fun volunteer activity this spring. 

I don’t have much time for reading, but I’m enjoying Tara Mohr’s Playing Big when I come back from taking the little ones into the city on the train. I treated myself to a Starbucks latte the other day since I was fascinated with how the chain can provide espresso drinks to busy commuters during rush hour. It’s quite the exercise in efficiency! (Before I got my Nespresso machine, I had a daily or twice-daily Starbucks or Whole Foods latte habit; it has genuinely saved me a lot of money.) 

I took a break from packing to see Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. I loved it. I cry in almost every movie I see and this one was no different. I love Tina Fey and Margot Robbie so it was quite a treat. I now have a new mantra: embrace the suck and move the f*** forward. Amen to that. Plus, I may or may not have had a movie-sized Aero bar during the film, which is absolute heaven.
I hope that you are having a lovely March and are doing something more exciting than putting all of your earthly possessions into cardboard boxes! 


  1. I need to see that movie. Oh gosh I can't believe it Serena will be a therapy dog how perfect for her! And you because people will love to see your gracious smile- the two of you will brighten many days I am sure.Moving is always a major commotion even the happy ones, so many details. I bet you are the packing pro though.I can never get over how spendy Starbucks is, I almost never go there… with the exception of the airport Starbucks, crucial for passing the time at the gate. Have a terrific March Break Dollface XOX


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