Stage Life

Our house is on the market later this week, which means it has to look perfect. We have stunt flowers and stunt towels and stunt soap. I once worked with a guy whose house was photographed for a shelter magazine and they provided him with a stunt dog for the photos. Thankfully, we’ve not gone quite that far; we’ve simply recruited a body double for Serena while she hangs out chez grandparents.

In fairness, all of the houses we looked at looked perfect too. It’s the real estate circle of life.

The stager gave me lots of suggestions for depersonalizing the house. Not everyone has Deyrolle on speed dial so we had to tone down the taxidermy, but they did allow me to keep my butterflies. The House of Hackney and Scalamandre cushions are tucked away. Evidently hunt scenes and sloths smoking hookahs are not everyone’s cup of tea. Who knew? 

Now my place looks less Nicky Haslam and more HGTV. That’s ok, I can run amok in the new place! 
The most stressful part is having strangers wandering through my house, forgetting to lock the doors. I’ll have to have the Staffordshire dogs remain vigilant. 

I ironed my pillowcases. I know lots of people do this weekly, but it’s a first for me. 

Please send quick house sale energy our way! Hope you are having a peaceful start to spring and have some fun plans on the horizon. 


  1. Oh my gosh – 'stunt' flowers, towels and soaps, love it! Seriously though, all the best for the sale of the house – it looks lovely in the photos above, let's hope it goes quickly. (I know you have young children, that's always difficult when you have to keep it looking perfect and also sometimes leave at the drop of a hat for viewings.)Could I ask – what are the paint colours in the 4th photo? The blue railing, white trim and off-white (beige?) wall look so fresh.


  2. Aww thank you! The beige is Benjamin Moore Almond Bisque (CC-280) I think the trim is Cotton Balls (OC-122) (there were a few trim selections!) and the dark rail is Behr Beluga. Xo


  3. I hope it sells super quick. As Patricia noted it can be very trying indeed to have a house on the market with kids, so much stress to keep it all looking perfect, especially the stunt accessories. Sending all the good energy your way.Running amok in the new house will be your reward for all of the work, won't it be fun? You deserve a reward for ironing pillowcases that's for sure. Have a great week Dollface XO


  4. Sell, sell, sell! Priced right it shall go fast…love the Serena pillow! Am seriously considering a trip to Montreal. Close? Can I do patio wine with you and Dani? Winter has been a sheer bitch. So ready for spring.


  5. Good luck with the house selling Jen – something I absolutely loath. The depersonalisation/ decluttering didn't bother me so much… but the people going through my things was what made me feel awful. Nothing like coming home to find every single door to a wardrobe/ kitchen/ laundry cupboard open. Sort of like a burglary, but with nothing missing. The house looks lovely and I'm sure it will sell quick smart!


  6. I think you should book a side trip to Toronto on your way to Montreal. I'd love a visit! Let us know when you are thinking of visiting Canada and we will see how we can make a patio gathering happen!


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