I can see, and other good news

What’s happening out there in the world of blogging? Everyone is pretty quiet these days. It’s very busy IRL so that’s probably the cause of it all.

Things are busy here. We are continuing to look at property in Nova Scotia. I’m quite in love with the place because the relaxed feeling is not just a myth! Everything moves at a slightly slower pace, which is exactly what we want.

I’ve solved the great bar crisis of 2016. I know you will all be relieved beyond measure. I found an erstwhile side-table that was simply taking up space. I covered it with some Manuel Canovas fabric I had in my box of fancy fabrics. Voila! A sturdy bar. I’ll put the money I’ve saved by not buying a bar cart into the Maritime Bolthole fund.

We have a busy weekend ahead, making final decisions on the wedding stuff and sending out invitations. I now see why so many people elope the second time around: you are far too busy with life to faff about with wedding details. Still, we are trying to enjoy the process and have booked lunch in a pretty part of Ontario to go over it all.

I had some good news at the eye doctor today. I’m not going blind. Hurrah! I will be back in contacts at some point. In the interim, I’m allowed to wear contacts for 1 hour while I do step class but must be in glasses other than that. I whine about my sad plight over at 1010Park Place.

Well, that’s all for now, cats and kittens. I’m going to try to get out and enjoy these last days of fall before being resigned to 6 months of Netflix and chill. I hope you are making the most of these last fall days as well.


  1. Well done on the bar cart! I so agree about the Maritimes, very slow paced and lovely people. The blog world is quiet you're right, funny I've started to write a couple of posts and they are languishing in my draft post file, I just can't seem to get it together to finish them. It's supposed to be lovely and warm tomorrow! We'll go for a big walk and then it's bowling for us, our family is doing a bowl-a-thon to raise money for Hopewell Children's Homes, should be fun.Waiting for the ball game right now, wish I was in Chicago tonight! Have a super weekend, XO


  2. Bowling sounds fun. I've always enjoyed it (except for the shoes!) I was a big fan of Ed when that show ran and loved the idea of a bowling alley lawyer. Very charming! I'm looking forward to the last of the good weather. I savour it so much at this time of year! Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo


  3. Hi JenGlad you're not going blind and have made progress with the contacts! I love the glimpse of fabric I can see with the drinks table. Great solution. Here in Australia bar carts are a recent phenomenon. I think most people still do an English style drinks table, with everything corralled on a tray. Very exciting that the wedding plans are progressing. As for quiet… I'm afraid I have been. Completely buried in end of year things here – we have 6 weeks of school left until it's all finished for the long Summer holidays. Plus we have an industry shut down in construction and building over January (everyone goes on their annual holiday), so there is a massive rush by all to get everything done by Christmas. I've worked so hard this past month and a half!! I'm definitely going to be crawling to the finish line this year, but it has meant I've felt too busy to blog, and I guess a lot of others are feeling the same way. xx


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