A Review of Alice Hoffman’s Faithful: A Novel

I just finished Alice Hoffman’s beautiful book, Faithful: A Novel. I love Alice Hoffman’s work. Her use of magic realism tempers otherwise gritty subjects, allowing what could be depressing material to read as hopeful. Her latest novel focuses on a young woman who is consumed with self-loathing after her friend is killed. The book follows her on a healing journey that stays true to each character and avoids veering into sentimentality, which can sometimes happen in books of this nature. I fell in love with Hoffman’s not-always-likeable protagonist and I think you will too. It’s a perfect read for this time of year.


  1. I will read it , thank you for the recommendation. I always love your book picks. I'm still reading Commonwealth and then I'm on to some Michael Chabon for my next book club, I don't always find his work page-turning so I have to give myself lots of time. Have a great weekend xx


  2. Alice grew up on Long Island and has a dangerously devoted following. No matter where she sets a story one can recognize a local road or landmark. I still remember the outrage that filled the the movie theatre when it became apparent that “Practical Magic” had been translated from a small 2-bedroom house in a development to a beautifully restored Victorian palace in that well-known pocket of wealth, Nantucket. During the entire film there was a low and angry chant of “That was not in the book,” with “The book was better” as descant.


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