The Joy of Little Things

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference. 
Our new fridge, which had been held captive in some container somewhere between here and Korea for months, has finally arrived. We’d been saddled with this terrible old fridge with faux wood panelling that froze all of the food at the back. The new one is a joy. It has a door in door feature that the little kids think was custom-designed for them. It’s amazing how grateful I feel for something I’d always taken for granted. The best part was sorting through all of the sauces and jams (we appear to have a condiment addiction in this house!) and putting them in order. 
Source: LG
Ladies of London is on air again. I’m picking it up in Season 3, but it’s just like RHONY only with older and prettier houses, and better eye makeup. I’m totally loving it. Because I have collected some advanced degrees and used to be a film snob, people always seem to think I’m much more intellectual than I am. Give me a good reality show over public television any day of the week. I like The Crown, but – truth be told – I sometimes doze off. I have yet to doze off in RHONY or LoL. 
I’ve spent the week organizing my wardrobe. I love it when my closet is organized. I ordered a couple of new pieces at the Black Friday sales and want them to feel welcome. I love it when I’m organized. 
In the end, it’s the little things that add up to the big things. What little things make you happy? 

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  1. Now I'm curious to check out LoL, as a London born ex-pat. It's a show I've not previously heard of. Having a working fridge is a joy and one is even more aware of it when it breaks down and refuses to do its job. The things we take for granted!


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