Maritime Bolthole

So, pretty exciting times at Casa RJL.

First, the ladies in my walking group threw me a little shower. These women do not do things by half and I really hope none of them remarry because I will not be able to fête them like this in return.

It was really quite something with tomato & red pepper soup, goat cheese salad, and Delia Smith’s Chicken with Mushroom, Bacon and Marsala sauce. There was bubbly and cupcakes and Poire William and champagne chocolates for dessert. Heaven. It was nice respite in a ridiculously busy day with a management dinner. school semi-formal, badminton tournament and swimming badge exam all at the same time. Thankfully my parents moved to Stepford and my mom helped do some driving while I ran back and forth.

Also, we bought our maritime bolthole! The Mr. and I were out east for a look-see in October and saw a very sweet place near Lunenburg, on the sea.

From the deck, you have a ringside seat on the ocean. I find the sea incredibly calming: the salt air, the sound of waves, the expansive views. I’ve struggled with anxiety my entire life and at the ripe old age of 44 have decided that that’s just he way I am and, for once, I need to adjust my life to deal with it. I need a place to sit and write and read and listen to the water and the birds. When the Mr. and I combined two houses into one, we had some funds left over and this seemed like a great investment in our future. Whether it’s a great financial investment remains to be seen. We are realistic on the growth prospects of recreational properties, given that the boomers are downsizing and millennials don’t seem to care about ownership. Plus, Nova Scotia’s South Shore is still recovering from the 2008 housing crash since so many Americans own property on the coast. Still, people are starting to buy up places once again and the point where we are seems to be booming, with new neighbours building their very own lighthouse. 
The thing we liked the best about the Lunenburg area are the people. Everyone we’ve met so far has been very friendly and relaxed. From our lovely real estate agent, to the water guy we’ve had extensive dealings with (ask me about wells!), to our lawyer, everyone on this deal has been great. Did I mention that Lunenburg has three bricks and mortar bookstores and a local theatre and about 12,000 restaurants? I love it. I’m also a history nut and love that there are places from the late 1600s. We know of a few Toronto types who’ve made a permanent move out east and who have never looked back. This is not our situation. We are remaining in Stepford while the children finish school, but in the interim, it will be nice to have another spiritual home.
I hope you are having some moments of respite and joy in this very busy season. 


  1. First of all, when I read that your parents had moved to Stepford, I had to google it as I used to live in your town and hadn't heard of such a place. Of course, I pretty quickly realized you were being ironic! :0)And, of course, congratulations on the purchase of your maritime bolthole – Lunenburg is a lovely spot and this house and its environs sound like just the ticket for you.


  2. Nice to hear from you, Patricia! Yes, still in Oakville lol. I think I'm the type of person who needs a foot in a few camps. I find the ocean incredible calming and hope that I'm surrounded by equally calm people there. So far, I'm optimistic. Even the lawyers are zen.


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