I’ve got a little list

Put away Christmas decorations. Check.

Get French Bulldog treated for pneumonia. Check.

Finish packing. Check.

Find a new hair colourist because Disaster. Check.

Drink ginger tea for Nerves. Check.

Finalize details with caterer. Check.

Pick up dress Saks for shortening and bustling, because you suddenly hate the dress you bought last year. Check.

Drink more ginger tea for Nerves. Check.

Realize you forgot a major item for caterer. Check.

Finalize details with caterer again. Check.

Review insurance policy on ocean house. Check.

Realize how many terrible things can happen to a house when reading the fine print. Check.

Drink yet more ginger tea. Check.

Realize you did not buy $4000 worth of stuff on December 23 at Best Buy and call credit card company. Check.

Cancel card. Check.

Order new card and change all numbers. Check.

Toss ginger tea and start mainlining GABA. Check.

Rethink the whole damn thing. Check.

Rethink the whole damn thing again. Check.

Gain perspective. Check.

Go get married and live happily ever after…

I’m out for a few weeks, cats and kittens. I’ll be back in mid-January to report on the festivities.

In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful New Year. Personally, I’m happy to see the back of 2016. Carrie Fisher was the final straw. I thought she was such a cool and honest woman and she was a terrific champion of mental health awareness. Plus, she had a french bulldog. I plan to read Wishful Drinking and reread Postcards from the Edge over the break.

2017 promises to be much better.

One comment

  1. Jen, I can only imagine how stressed you are, but I hope that the ginger tea takes full effect by Saturday and I wish you and your fiancé the most wonderful wedding day. I wish you also a happy 2017, and a happy life!


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