Excellent TV and a Royal Connection

I returned home from our cruise to a DVR full of excellent television. Ladies of London, RHOBH and Nashville.

I think the reason I so love Ladies of London so much is that I’m a secret royal. I just discovered that, according to family lore, my great great grandfather was the illegitimate son of the Duke of Devonshire’s son. My great great grandfather attended public school – something his single mother could never have afforded. And when he married, the Duchess of Devonshire paid for his bride’s wedding dress. The dress hangs in a museum near Chatsworth.  Why, I’m practically Debo! Do you think that this entitles me to stay at Chatsworth whenever I’m abroad?

Now it all makes sense: I’m illegitimate royalty. My royal blood goes unacknowledged. No wonder I’m the way I am!

Preaching to the choir: in spite of my pedigree, I spend my time stuffed into a tote bag in Stepford! 

The little kids and I went skiing on the weekend while the Mr. had his youngest at a hockey tournament. We stayed overnight and, holy hello, it’s still a lot of work. Thankfully the resort served up the best chili ever and that makes up for a lot. Plus, we watched Best in Show and ate Hickory Sticks. It was nice bonding time.

I’m currently reading Ann Patchett’s Commonwealth. Boy, oh boy, it’s good. Highly recommend. And, of course, I hope you are reading Caroline Leavitt’s Cruel Beautiful World: A Novel. We’re bookclubbing it at 1010ParkPlace.com on January 31. It’s won a zillion awards and it very readable so I’d love y’all to join the fun.

I hope you have a lovely week ahead. I plan to do some budgeting (what fresh hell) and meal planning (fresher hell.) And I need to start shopping for the Lunenburg House. I think I’ll be knee deep in Ikea at some point this spring. All hail the Allen Key.

We need a name for the Lunenburg house. I’m thinking Luney Bin as a working title. What do you think?

Stay safe, kittens…


  1. Ha I love Luney Bin!You are practically Debo, my gosh. How interesting is that. Love the detail about the wedding dress too. I read Commonwealth a couple of months ago and I loved it. As far as tv we just finished watching Nobel and it was amazing, so good! xx


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