Fashion Friday

Well apparently, Guelph is the new Dundas. At least it is in my book. I went to lunch with a pal there yesterday. She is in a beautiful historic home she’s just renovated after selling the family abode in Big Smoke. After a charming lunch at Miijidaa (the crispy eggplant sandwich is To Die) I thought I recogized a certain Brora beret in the mid-distance. Sure enough, it was the Incomparable DaniBP running errands. She walks her #abroraforlife talk and looked divine as always.

All of the new spring fashions are starting to show up on blogs and on retailer emails. I really do not need any new clothes but I can never resist the siren song of the new spring line. I’d like to write a modern day version of The Odyssey where Penelope, on her way back home to Odysseus, is tempted by offerings from J. Crew and Saks. After all of those years of weaving and unweaving the same damned piece, fresh textiles would surely lure her up on the rocks.

Right now this is the soft music calling me ashore. It’s the Lady Jacket with Liberty Trim by J Crew and I think it’s simply divine. It’s 20% off right now and in the words of a any QVC host worth her salt, Girls, run to the phone… I think I’ve found where to spend my birthday money!

And speaking of QVC, I’m missing Joan Rivers after rewatching Joy on Netflix (I know it was panned, but I found it very motivating). I used to watch Joan on TV whenever I was studying for exams in university. While I was doing my MBA, I flirted with auditioning to be a host on the shopping network (I ended up as an investment banker instead. Sort of wish I did the shopping thing!) Anyhow, they have a few of Joan’s pieces left on The Shopping Network. This jaunty bird may make it’s way into my cart. 
It reminds me of the Audubon pins Brooks Brothers sells. 
I hope you have a lovely weekend. I have some relaxation in the works. And maybe a snowshoe or a nice hike is in order. 
Take care, lovely people…


  1. How funny to spot Dani in the distance! I absolutely love that jacket Jen! What a great piece. I, too, need no new clothes though. I was watching the documentary “Minimalism” last night on Netflix. Strangely while I find the topic generally motivating (we all need more simplicity in our lives and less stuff), the actual message was lost to me because so many of the Minimalists they interviewed had serious emotional baggage and the minimalism was a reaction to this, I think. I like your Odyssey analogy though! I do think we all run around in circles distracted by all the pretty things, and a modern day Penelope would probably be doing just as you described. x


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