A New Vision

One of the best ways that I find to hit the reset button is to make a new vision board. I’ve been doing them for years.

I used to do the whole magazine, glue stick, and poster board thing, but I hated how they looked. I finally bought one of those ribbon bulletin boards. You can buy them at HomeSense/HomeGoods or you can channel your inner Martha and make one here. The nice thing about it is that you can add and subtract things as you wish.

I used to have pictures of things I wanted or places I wanted to visit. Now the board is much more about they way I want to feel. It’s a literal mood board…

Right now, mine has:

  • some greeting cards/notes from family, friends, and mentors
  • a photo of an older couple dancing at the beach, because #lifegoals
  • a picture of a potential book cover for my next book
  • my core desired feelings for this year
  • a trip I want to take
  • favorite quotes
  • favourite scripture verses
  • the view from the ocean house

I also have pictures of family tucked in the corners.

I have it over my desk so I can see it every day. Just looking at it makes me feel calm and gives me focus because, without goals, it’s way too easy to spend the day watching Lifetime movies.

If you are feeling stuck, try making a vision board and see what happens.



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