#TBT and too much TV

For Throwback Thursday, I thought I’d show a photo of Serena as a puppy.

Isn’t she sweet? We got her as an adult dog when she retired from showing, so we missed out on the puppy years. I let her get away with a lot now: I can’t imagine how much I’d have let her get away with then. So stinking cute! 
Here she is being shown with her sister. (Serena was the top Canadian frenchie and her sister the top American one when they debuted.) 
And here is a photo of her in the ring. 
She still gets excited when I get out the leash. 
She’s now off the meds and we are letting her have a good rest before resuming her therapy work. She’s older now and does not bounce back as quickly. She’s not the only one!
Are any of you out there Bachelor fans? It’s a guilty pleasure of mine. I thought Corinne would be this season’s villain but I’ve really warmed to her. I love her joie de vivre. She’d be the best match for Vile Nick even if he had to get three jobs to keep her in shoes. So happy Rachel is the next Bachelorette. Hopefully they will bring in a better calibre of men for her than the men in the past few seasons. She seems too smart for the beefy protein-shake type. 
I’m missing my Ladies of London. They are still showing new shows in the UK but we are woefully behind in the colonies. I’ll have to watch RHoToronto, which should provide fun coverage of my old stomping ground. And, of course, RHONY should be returning soon with La Tinsley. Until then, I simply have to satisfy myself with the antic of Ms. Vanderpump and her fleet of Pomeranians. 
Enjoy your Thursday, lovely people. 


  1. Hi Jen, I've never really watched The Bachelor, apart from the first season and the first Bachelorette (is that still the only one that resulted in a proper marriage?). However, I'm with you on Ladies of London and RHONY. I also enjoyed RH of Vancouver when it was on, so I'll be looking out for the Toronto version. But if I'm going to watch rich women be both fabulous and (sometimes) bitchy, it's Ladies of London all the way for me!Thanks for the Serena photos – she is adorable!


  2. I think there have been a couple of successful marriages but they are few and far between. The first Bachelorette is certainly the biggest success story. I liked RHoVancouver too since I'm a sucker for Canadian content, but agree that Ladies of London is king (Queen??) xo


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