Weekends, Prezzies, Easter Memories, and Fatigue

I hope y’all had a nice weekend. We had a busy but good one. We are having a bizarro string of weather. Hot cold. Hot cold. It’s the Joan Crawford of winters. I fear our ski days may be over as there’s been a lot of rain.

My daughter returned home from the school trip. They stayed at the Fairmont. The Fairmont! In middle school! What’s with that? In my day, we stayed at Short Emmet’s on the Highway, way out of town and were bussed in for boring walking tours. We did not ski and go to Circus School and visit the Ice Hotel. You can tell I’m secretly outraged I was not part of the fun.

I recently added to my bag collection. I maintain that it’s an asset class. The Mr. bought me a Gucci Boston bag for our first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife. Naturally, Serena lay claim to the box.

Are any of you watching Nashville? I’m beyond devastated. I will have to only watch reality TV going forward. Much more predictable.

I can’t believe it’s Pancake Tuesday tomorrow. The year is flying by! It will be Easter before we know it, which is fabulous as it’s such a lovely holiday. I grew up in Calgary and every year at Easter time, they’d have pastel dyed chicks and rabbits at the mall. I’m sure it’s a terrible practice (although I can personally attest to the fact that hair colour seems harmless…) but it was incredibly cute. I used to win the local Easter colouring contest, after studying the previous year’s winners and coming up with a formula that worked. I came home with a few child-sized stuffed animals as my victory spoils over the years. Most years we’d also drive to visit my maternal grandparents in Saskatchewan: these are the Swedish-Lancashire bloodline, not the Duke of Devonshire bloodline, just in case you are keeping track. My memories of the holiday are all quite fond and now I love to facilitate a good egg hunt for my kids.

We met with a contractor over the weekend about making a few changes to the house and I felt a little overwhelmed. I think I might be too tired to renovate. Doesn’t that sound like an excellent pulp fiction title.

I’ve generally been very tired lately. I used to suffer from wildly elevated cortisol levels and my doctor had put me on an adrenal boosting program at the time. I think I will return to it with lots of good food, Rooibos tea, vitamins, more sleep, and less intense exercise (I’ll switch one of my cardio classes for more yoga.) I’ll let you know how it goes. Perhaps it’s just age…

I hope you have a terrific start to the week.


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