Saturday Shuffle

Happy Saturday!

Hope you are planning a good one.

We are in holiday mode around here since it’s March Break. I love to start off a holiday Saturday with a big cup of coffee, something sweet, and a fun and irreverent read (Tatler is always a sure bet…)

Right now, I’m loving Sophistication Is Overrated by The Slageter Sisters. It’s equal parts cookbook/entertaining guide and comedy routine. Imagine the Sugarbaker sisters writing a cookbook after a fifth of whiskey and an altercation with Ray Don. It’s hilarious. So far, my favourite idea is a party celebrating the First Anniversary with the New Trophy Wife.

I think I’ll host one of these next January. I am 5 years younger than the Mr. after all!

Miss Thing was at the vet again.

We finally seem to have kicked the ear infection after 5 rounds of treatment. And, fingers crossed, her lungs are clear. I have to decide whether or not to take her back to visit her therapy clients. We both enjoy the work. But the vet cautioned me that therapy dogs can get sick and now that Miss Thing is a senior herself, we need to be careful. It may have been coincidence, but the whole merry adventure started up after a client (caution here, if reading with your morning croissant!) was sick on her. I’m really not sure what to do. Sigh.

There is nothing I like better than a motivating playlist. Here’s what’s on mine right now:

It got me through a crazy windy drive this week, where I was literally white knuckling it and trucks were being blown here and there. If you use Spotify, you can listen along. It’s great Saturday driving music.

Later, gators…



  1. Hi Jen, that book sounds like lots of fun – wherever did you buy it? I checked on Amazon and it's going for $60! I need to look for this at Winners ….If I need music for cleaning or whatever, I tend to go for something I can sing along with (badly), like my Best of George Michael, or even Barry Manilow! Have a great trip to N.S., hope you get good weather.


  2. I think I got mine on Amazon but it was less than $40. It was out for a while on the Canadian site but then came back in stock. You can also get it directly from the sisters but I'm not sure about shipping and duty…. Enjoy your Saturday! xoxo


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