By the sea

The Mr. and I just returned from our summer place by the sea. We made a quick two day trip out there to measure for furniture and make sure the place was really ours (property law out east seems quite casual.)

The flight is ridiculously easy. Props to the Hamilton airport and the Westjet staff who made the flight entirely painless. Everyone is friendly, there are no lines, and it all runs very smoothly. It really felt like no bigger deal than taking the Go Train. It’s now officially the Halifax Jitney.

I think we are going to like it in Nova Scotia. First off, everyone is ridiculously friendly. We went to the farmer’s market in Lunenburg and after a five minute chat with one of the vendors, we were extended an invitation to a summer barbecue. Apparently, this is normal. We met up with some friends of friends who’ve moved out there permanently from Ontario and they say friendliness is de rigueur. They were also ridiculously friendly and walked us through the hows and whats of Lunenburg, Chester, and Mahone Bay. There are so many amazing restaurants. I think I will weigh 600 pounds by the end of the summer. I do hope they locate Richard Simmons soon. I think I might be in need of him!

There will be a small sense of culture shock – not as much as when I moved from Big Smoke to Stepford, I suspect – but still some. I’m not sure where I will shop if I need something for a party. I kept hoping a Prada would rise up out of nowhere like that art installation in Marfa but it did not.

/Gray Malin/

I’ll have to ask the summering kajillionaires on Hirtles Beach when I bump into them near the champagne fridge at the Rose Bay General Store. Maybe Alexander McQueen has a pop up shop?

The biggest challenge will be furnishing the place. I want to buy local as much as possible but we may end up doing Ikea and Wayfair as well since we can have it delivered there before we arrive this summer.

It’s a true tabula rasa since it’s unfurnished and we have nothing purchased already.

This was the dining room, but as it has the best views of the ocean in the place, I’d like it to be a little sitting room. There is probably enough room for a table in the kitchen, which is quite large.

I’m thinking white slipcovered sofas in the living room. We want to maximize sleeping space so we need a sofa bed for sure. 

The master bedroom will also function as a small office, I think. I’d love a desk under the dormer window that faces the sea. 
We will pack the second bedroom with beds. A bunk and a twin bed will fit, which will allow friends and family to stay more easily. At some future date, we might rent it out; it all depends on how much time we are able to stay there. 
Our deck overlook the ocean. I’ve love to put a massive dining room table here for al fresco meals. After all, the whole idea of the place is to be as immersed in the salt air as possible. 
The Mr. and I brought four giant suitcases with us, filled with towels and bedding from my parent’s old cottage. 
I had to bring my I Love Not Camping Anne Taintor tray and the Caroline Gardner tea towel from Indigo that reads: ‘she dreamt of diamond earrings and a life on the ocean waves…’
What would you do with the space? Also, would you paint? 
I was thinking all serene creams,  to highlight the outdoors and the exposed beams, but the colours as is are very Lunenburg in nature and look quite cheerful now that the place is emptied out. 
Keep calm and carry on…


  1. Looks inviting already! In smallish rooms, I think it's better not to have too much contrast between the walls and trim, so I'd paint the downstairs in the creams you are considering and leave the upstairs full of cheery local colour. Best of both worlds. Those beams are a really nice feature.


  2. If we are going to paint, we might paint the whole thing. I've always done vacation homes in Bavarian cream since the outdoors is usually the focus. If we rent it out, we might want something darker to cover any finger marks… It's fun to think about, whatever we end up doing. xo


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