Spring Self Care

Happy first day of spring! And World Storytelling Day. And International Day of Happiness. It’s a good day, no?

Thank you for the beach house design tips here and on Insta. I’m looking forward to this project a lot.

Have you seen the Google logo today? Love it! Spring is an excellent thing to celebrate.

I find that this is the time of year when the energy from the New Year tends to sag. To counteract that, I’m ramping up the self-care. My Go To tools are the motivational videos of Danielle LaPorte, Cheryl Richardson, Gabrielle Bernstein, and the Female Entrepreneur Association.

I’m also drinking more water (I add mint chlorophyll or a splash of cranberry juice since I HATE the taste of water) and cooking healthier meals. On Sunday, we cooked the Immunity Boosting tomato sauce from Oh She Glows. We mixed regular pasta with the zucchini pasta to make it a bit more kid-friendly and added peppers and pine nuts to the sauce in addition to everything else in the recipe. Soooo good. Healthy food = Love.

On the weekend, we watched The Invention of Lying and Postcards from the Edge. Both a good, light pick me up movies. I think that watching funny movies can be an act of self-care too.

Is anyone out there watching Real Housewives of Toronto? They need more adorable dogs a la RHoBH and more drama a la RHoNY. I think Roxy is the only one Fabulous enough to be a bona fide Real Housewife but time will tell. I’m missing my Ladies of London… Tonight is the debut of Sweet Home Oklahoma on Bravo and W. They have a french bulldog so it looks somewhat promising.

Good food, bad tv, exercise is my mood lifting trifecta. What works for you?

One comment

  1. good food, bad tv, work for me too. RhofT hasn't gotten hear yet -they are really slack with real housewives here. I am also reading some of pearl s buck bc she tells a good old fashioned story. Trying to get back into fiction a bit actually.


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