Seasonal Shifts

Happy Tuesday! Hope you are having a good one!
Whenever it’s a new season, I crave making some small changes to my routine. I wanted to find a new easy breakfast since that’s one of the great pleasures in life. 

I found a recipe for Bircher in The Happy Kitchen that is terrific and easy peasy.

It’s made with skim milk (50ml), plain yogurt (4 tablespoons), oats (3 tablespoons), chia seeds (a teaspoon or so), a pinch of cinnamon, and sliced almonds. I put it in a measuring cup overnight and then add berries and pumpkin seeds in the morning. It’s super healthy and has all sorts of mood boosting ingredients. Yum! 
I just started reading Danielle LaPorte’s White Hot Truth: Clarity for Keeping It Real on Your Spiritual Path from One Seeker to Another, which comes out in May. It’s unself-helpy self-help if that makes any sense. I’m digging it big time. 
I just wrapped my Pilates lessons and am now embarking on classes. It’s so hard! I took it up to give my adrenals a break and now I do step class to give myself a little rest. The core is everything, my friends, everything! As it breathing. 
Are you changing up your routine to herald the change in season? What are you doing differently? 


  1. What am I doing differently, you ask? Well, for starters, I think I'll follow your example and make that delicious breakfast you show in your first photo. Looks scrumptious and healthy!Happy Spring to you!


  2. Hi Jen, I've just joined an 8-week program at my local gym which will see me doing boot camps 3 or 4 times a week. Unfortunately, I'll be missing most of the first week as we are off to Toronto on Sunday to celebrate our anniversary. The program is based on that tv show The Biggest Loser and I think I might be paying a fine at the first weigh-in! (Money goes to the local food bank, so that's ok I guess.) I don't necessarily need to lose weight, but I need to get back to the gym and this is my idea of motivation.


  3. I'm just back from South Carolina and started in on 10 sessions of personal training on the Pilates Reformer aka the Torture Rack. So far so good. Pilates form is so difficult to get right that I'm really enjoying having the instructor to myself. That breakfast looks delicious and it's even gluten free! Thank you I'll be making that this week. XX


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