Reinvention is my cardio

Have you ever reinvented yourself? Tish Jett asks this question over on her blog. I like to do it as often as possible.  How boring would it be to be who you were in, say, high school? Perish the thought!

In my 45 years, I’ve been a quiet academic, boss babe, party girl, granola mom, defeated survivor, neurotic creative, wilting violet, warrior, wide-eyed innocent, jaded blogger, wellness enthusiast, fashionista, film geek, luddite, and hygge poster girl. Now, I’m some blend of hopeful entrepreneur and family gal. I’m liking this identity so much, I may stick with it for a while.

I think one of the most freeing things is to be able to switch our stories any time we want. If you don’t like your life, write a new narrative. Take more risks, or fewer risks. Go out more, or stay in. Expand your circle or close ranks with a few besties. Become a cardio queen, or embrace your inner yogi. Dress to impress, or dress to please yourself. Save for a few key elements – you really should continue to look after your dependents – it’s all up to you. I find that the most wonderful thing.

Are you a fan of reinvention? How have you reinvented yourself?

Love to hear from you!

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