Grad dresses, Richard Simmons, and the Subtle Art of Ghosting

I hope you are having a lovely weekend. We were home, for once. My daughter wanted to go Grade 8 grad dress shopping so we went to Sherway Gardens. There are shops that seem to specialize in this sort of thing now. It’s a whole lot of taffeta, people. 

After trying on several options at Honey, where a fabulous sales rep helped us, she chose a classic number that makes her look lovely. It does a mother proud. Next, we have to find shoes. She’s tiny and wants a significant heel so she’s less tiny. We’ve seen lots of lovely ones but not in size 4 1/2 to 5. We will likely have to search online. 

The Notorious D.O.G. has been struggling with her ears, yet again. It’s really harshing her buzz. 

Like many, I was drawn in by the podcast, Missing Richard Simmons (spoilers ahead.) What started out as fascinating turned into voyeuristic ick, as it became every more clear that Richard Simmons was alive and well and simply wanted to be left alone.


I so get it. Sometimes, you just get tired. You can only help the world when you are feeling very strong.

The podcast criticizes his methods for ghosting people. But when you have so many people who feel close to you, is there any other way? It would be exhausting to call them all up and explain his rationale. Presumably, if he had that kind of energy, he would not need to withdraw in the first place. When they started the podcast, I thought there was some kind of story to be told. All of this real time, under-researched journalism it not always great: I wish they’d found out if there was a story to be told before they told it. In the end, I simply felt bad for their subject. 
The Mr. and I have a new weekend habit of seeking out new places for breakfast. We just get in the car and drive until we see a decent looking place. It’s like being on vacation. It’s a short, cheap meal so it’s less commitment than, say, dinner and is perfectly designed for spontaneity. 
What did you get up to this weekend? I find this is a bit of a shoulder season between winter craziness and the new spring activity schedule. I’m relishing the down time. 


  1. Our weekend was quiet, still recovering from our trip! And of course catching up on work. The whole grade eight grad dress thing was delightful with my older daughter and not so much with my younger daughter. The whole wearing-an-inappropriate-tight-black-dress thing! Ugh. Gabby let me pick out her gorgeous pink dress, well she still has my fashion taste so no surprise there. The kids are all different!Your breakfast idea sounds like a good one, I'm not a breakfast fan but I could do this with lunch, nothing like going out for Saturday lunch to mark the weekend. xx


  2. The sales lady pitched me a bandage dress and I was thinking gah! Herve Leger! It's awesome for a 25 year old but not a 13 year old. Thankfully she had something else in mind so I did not have to run interference. Saturday lunch is an excellent idea too. Weekends should be celebrated!


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