I love reading the Daily Mail.

I know, I know. It makes me a terrible person. But it has such excellent, trashy gossip. Because, in fact, I do want to know what Coleen Rooney looks like without makeup.

I was happy to see Susannah Constantine, formerly of What Not to Wear, back in the “news”. I used to love that show. There is something about the idea of a makeover that has always appealed to me: I guess it’s the New Narrative thing in the most obvious of ways.

Anyhow, apparently, she has let herself get frumpy and is as hard on herself as she was on her subjects on the show. (She is not quite as critical as the acid-tongued Carol Vorderman who once said Susannah walked like “a carthorse in a badly-fitting bin liner.”)

It’s comforting to know that even the most fashion forward of us fall down. Sunday, I had some occasion shopping to do and I wore my pink lace Valentino skirt with a J Crew cashmere T shirt sweater. It was only at the end of my visit, in fitting room in downtown Toronto, when I discovered a bloody great moth hole in the back of my sweater! This is a leftover from living in century homes for years and it just shows how little I am wearing my dressy wear.

My feet were hurting from wearing real shoes shopping. I ended up buying a pair of Oscar de la Renta heels that look amazing but promise to be crippling if I don’t work up to them over the next few months. I cannot believe I used to run around the city in these things every day.

Susannah, I totally understand your plight…

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