Happy Long Weekend! (almost…)

Happy Thursday? How are y’all doing? Ready for the long weekend?

I’ve got to get my eating pants on as we have a bunch of big Easter meals planned. The Mr.’s adult boys are coming home, which means they will all go watch someone being blown up at the multiplex or watch 752 back-to-back hockey playoff games while Miss Thing and I hide in the parlour with pink champagne and Lifetime.

Speaking of Lifetime, did anyone watch VC Andrews’s If There Be Thorns. Absolutely terrible stuff but I loved Heather Graham’s Duchess of Windsor meets Grey Gardens style. So fabulous.

Last night, I was at a DIY natural skincare workshop at NuWorld Botanicals.

I’ve always been a fan of organic food but then used chemical skincare. As I age, I gravitating to more natural skin products. I’m not sure anything will get me away from my Cle de Peau concealer, however. That stuff is a little stick of miracles.

I’m really hoping this is the last week I have to wear glasses. I really can’t wear my contacts these days, so I think I’m going to bite the bullet on laser surgery. I’ll still need reading glasses but I will be able exercise, ski and swim without eyewear. This has been my view much of this week.

I really think the laser clinic needs some zhushing. Perhaps a leopard pillow or two…

Just to give you a DVR heads up, next week on Sweet Home Oklahoma, they are celebrating Tubber’s birthday! As you all know, Serena has a huge crush on Tubbers and is getting ready for the show.

I hope you all have a happy Easter and Passover. Eat lots of chocolate, wear pastels, and use the rabbit tableware.


  1. It has been a horrible week for me. My lovely, loyal companion Minnie passed on Monday and I have been sobbing ever since. I did have LASIK surgery well over 18 years ago. Only time I have had Valium…loved it! My face gal has started making her own product line and there is a serum which does wonders. I do not think it is chemical free though. Have a lovely week end and love that pup of yours.


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