Happy Tuesday! 
Hope your long weekend was terrific. 

Ours was good. We had a lot of food and we are all still speaking. Hashtag: blessed. 

Friday, we had AYCE sushi. We like to get our money’s worth. 
On Saturday, we ate our weight in buffet with 98 year old Grandma Rose in St. Jacobs. She is looking forward to going on a speedboat again this summer near Manitoulin Island.  Hashtag: goals
There was Eastery goodness at the house.

On Sunday, we brunched at the Ancaster Mill. I love that place. Have not been there in years! 

Sunday night, we hosted dinner. 

The fancy togs were trotted out.
DaniBP has fuelled my Brora addiction. 
I may not be Kate Middleton, but I can bloody well wear her shoes. 
The Easter bunny made an appearance in our yard.
There may or may not have been some nibbling on purloined chocolate eggs in between meals…
Someone made a new friend. 
We saw Baby Boss? Boss Baby? Surprisingly, it’s not the launch of a new cologne. We saw it since we could not decide between Fate of the Furious and Beauty and the Beast. We learned that cookies are for closers. I was sad there were no brass balls references, however. I love any GGR reference points. 
I may have to see the new Fast and Furious on my own. I love those movies. I wish they’d have a Real Wives of Racing on Bravo. That would fulfill my every desire. 
Speaking of cologne launches. Tubbers N°2 is wildly anticipated by Miss Thing. 
This is the week I likely get my eyes fixed. Hurrah! My nervousness is surpassed by my excitement. I’m hoping this fixes what ails me and I can get back to my regular life of working out, yoga, driving, etc. 
Hope your week is great and you are seeing straight. It’s all we can hope for most days.


  1. Hi Jen, it sounds like you had a lovely weekend. We had our boys and their girlfriends over on Sunday evening; dinner was roast lamb etc and Eton mess for dessert. You're having Lasik done, aren't you? All the best for that – I considered it once, but in the end I quite like wearing glasses. (Although it is annoying having to swap the sunglasses and the normal glasses when going from outside to inside!)


  2. Hi Patricia. Glad you had a nice weekend. It's fun as the group expands! Eton mess: yum!! It's Lasik. I have weird eyes so they were not sure I'd be a candidate but in the end, I am. Just want it over with and hopefully I will be able to see again! XO


  3. Sorry about giving you your Brora addiction, well not really! A Brora cardigan over a dress is always a perfect Easter outfit. We went for sushi on Easter Sunday in Toronto, Old Rascal's idea which was really fun. I'm thinking of you and your eye surgery, it will all be fine, you'll be happy you've done it. Then you can drive to Guelph and I'll take you to lunch. xx


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