Blue Kitchens?

Morning y’all.

A light post today after yesterday’s heavy.

What do you think of blue kitchens. I want to refresh the Stepford house. All carpet in bedrooms gone. Painted kitchen. New counters. New master bath. Want to do it as cheap and cheerful as these things run.

We have good oak cabinets. But they look dated. Love french blue.


I love Woodlawn Blue and Wedgewood Blue and Wythe Blue. I’ve used them on walls but never cupboards.  The rest of the house is neutrals and woods and it’s dark. Behold, the darkest kitchen in the world!! This is how I imagine Voldemort’s kitchen looks too. 

As my designer-goddess pal pointed out, the blue could magnify the orange in the floors. But if we go with white, I fear it will look like a Hooters. The owl’s wing is the same colour as the floors. Perhaps while I’m on the surgery train, I could get implants and open a Hooters Stepford from my house. 

Apparently, Hooters makes you happy. That’s a good thing. See how I’m being positive now? 

But seriously, I love this look here from Cliff Kitchen. The floors look similar. My fear is they are more brown. Mine might pull super orange like bad highlights after a trip to Cancun. But if it looked like this, it would be magical. 

Happy weekend. 


  1. You're so funny – Hooters in Stepford! I like the first two photos, and I prefer the second, slightly deeper blue. But you have to listen to your designer friend re. the orange in the floor. Would your budget run to new flooring? It's not like you need new cupboards, 'just' paint – although I imagine that wouldn't be cheap if you have them professionally done. Have fun planning!


  2. Thank you for your suggestions. it is a lovely blue, isn't it. Because it's an totally open concept house, if we refloor, we literally have to redo everything. Stair rails, upstairs, the works. We are likely going to colour match the existing wood to replace the tired and orangey tile. Sigh. It's the mess (and the money) I fear. I've moved so much, I want to do something as simple as possible. When the contractor originally suggested packing everything up to restain the floors, I nearly lost my mind! But I agree, it would be ideal. Perhaps I can just drink a lot of wine while it all happens. xoxo


  3. I love all of your inspiration photos but I might like the last one the best. Orange and blue go well together and I'm sure your floors aren't really all that orange. At least they are like the wing and not the eyes!You make me smile Jen, and this is a good, good thing.Patti


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