Authors: Ellen Herrick, Karma Brown and Kay Warren

Happy Wednesday!

Hope your week is going well.

My mother cheered me up with an African violet. My grandmother always had a tea cart filled with the flowers and it reminds me of my childhood.

I’m trying to save my eyes for writing, but I could not hold off starting Karma Brown’s newest book, In This Moment. If you love Jodi Picoult, you’ll love Karma Brown. This book is my favourite of hers so far. The Toronto Star gives it high praise, commenting, “Literary titans such as Updike and Cheever have brilliantly trodden this path of suburban sexual/emotional angst before. Karma Brown now impressively joins their ranks.” Yes, she does. I wish I could read faster!

My friend Melinda has a fabulous interview with Kay Warren, wife of Rick Warren, pastor at Saddleback. If you still think of wives of mega-church pastors as ever-smiling creatures with huge hair and heavily applied eye makeup, you’ll want to get to know Kay, who is down to earth and honest as anything. Warren has been very open about her struggle with depression, the death of her son, cancer, and abuse: all of which have rocked her faith. If you are looking for inspiration, I highly recommend you watch her interview.

And last, but not least, my interview with Ellen Herrick is live at 1010 Park Place. I listened to the audio book for this one, which I highly recommend. It’s like having someone read you a beautiful fairy tale.


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