Brora, Swan Lake, and Kimmy Schmidt

Happy Monday!

Are any of you watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? Season 1 is so good. Jane Krakowski is hilarious and Mr. SxSW says she reminds him of me. I have no idea why – I have yet to receive a bouquet of dogs.


I did receive a little something from Brora, which was un unexpected surprise.

They’d sent me a skirt in my size that was meant for another Jennifer Lawrence.  I have a doppelgänger! Brora was most apologetic. After a few calls, we collectively managed to reroute the package. They sent me a pair of the cashmere tights I love as a little thank you for my troubles.

Speaking of doppelgängers, on Saturday, I took my daughter to see Swan Lake. I love that ballet. So dark and moody. And the costumes are so magical. Normally, I hate dark films but I’ve always liked Black Swan. I say it’s because I love the whole metaphor about the artistic process, but really it’s because I love the costuming byAmy Westcott and Rodarte.




In my mind, I have a ballerina’s discipline and wear only black, grey and pale pink.

In reality, I eat my weight in BBQ ribs as part of Father’s Day celebrations, and dress in whatever I just found on Anthropologie’s sale rack. 



Love to hear from you!

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