Home again home again

We are home. I miss the sea already in spite of having it run through our taps.

We were in no rush to get home so we meandered through the US on our way back. We spent some time at LL Bean flagship store in Maine because I like the idea of the outdoors (reading an outdoor catalogue while tucked snugly indoors is my idea of a wonderful time!)

We breezed by Stephen King’s original home since the gates are worth the drive to Bangor. If you’ve not done the Airline drive from New Brunswick, you must. It’s gorgeous!

We then dipped down into Massachusetts. Because Massachusetts! It’s possibly my very favourite of states. We hit Salem and Concord – two of my favourite towns what with me being a literary type and all.

Downtown Salem

Orchard House

We stayed in Albany specifically because there is a Target and a Cracker Barrel there. As Canadians, we are deprived of these excellent establishments and have to get our fill when we travel.

Biscuits and corn muffins! 

Serena did not miss out as it was her last road trip with us. I think her final resting place will be by the sea but we will likely fly back in the fall at some point. I miss that little dog so much!

When we returned home, it looked completely different.

Remember my Dynasty staircase?

It’s been muted, by painting it black and white.

And the orange tile?

Now a wire brushed grey-toned hardwood.

The grey pulls forward the stainless steel and works with the brown much like a brown dress shoe with a nice charcoal suit from Brooks.

They turned the island since before – weirdly – the seating area was hugged up against the sink. Now we can have people sit and chat as we cook.

Where there was so much shiny orange brown wood, there is now a more muted matte finish and it sets off the furniture nicely, making the brown leather and lacquered pieces look patina-ed instead of glossy.

The biggest different is upstairs, where we ripped out all of the wall-to-wall carpet including a bilious green one! The grey wood is much more calming.

It was a crazy amount of work to do all of the floors since it meant everything had to be packed up and moved, but it was worth it in the end. Thank you to those of you who urged me to make the leap.

I’m now focusing on some writing projects for fall. And researching water systems. I’m also researching other potential pups. Our big dog is missing his bossy little companion. And so am I.

I hope you had a nice July and are enjoying your August. If you are in the mood for back to school shopping, Avery is is donating $1 each time you use the hashtags #AveryGivesBack and #AveryMakingFaces on Instagram or Avery’s Facebook page, or you can enter their emoji challenge for a shot at a GRAND PRIZE of $500 and three secondary prizes of a $100 pre-paid cash card. Money raised goes to the Michael Pinball Clemons Foundation. Avery sent me a press package including 2 binders, but I am not paid for this shout-out. Pinball Clemons is a former neighbour and all-round wonderful man and his foundation does valuable work.


  1. Hi Jen, I love your black and white staircase and your new kitchen floor – you were right to make yourselves scare whilst all that work was going on! Our boys were in Scouts Canada, and also Boys Scouts of America when we lived abroad, and our elder son, who is a real bookworm, once said that he was an 'outdoors person, not an outside person'. He has never really lived this down, but I think he meant that he didn't mind having adventures with his friends etc. but really he prefers to be inside with a good book. I'm like you – I love going to Mountain Equipment Co-op and checking out all the cool gear … but my time in the great outdoors is very, very limited.


  2. We must have missed each other in Concord (we were there for July 4). It was a wonderful town!I adore the staircase. What a huge difference! Well done. Cooking with the new floor must be so restful. Nothing worse than having to stare at an eye sore you can't do anything about. Looks like you cured yours.


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