Taping, Churchill, and What to Wear this Fall.

Hello lovelies! Hope you are well. Hope you had a good weekend.

I taped a couple of shows for See Hear Love and Faith Strong Today last week.

I had my makeup done for Friday’s shows. So I had cheekbones. And eyelashes! It was all very exciting. I’ll post the links when they are up.

Saw Churchill on the weekend. The pacing is slow. But I loved Miranda Richardson as Clementine. It made me want to wear pearls every day.


I tuned into an interview of Kathleen Tucci by Focus on the Family. She is the wife of a widower and was talking about how things were in the early days. Some people discover my blog while looking for information on Wives and Girlfriends of Widowers and if you are one of them, you’ll really enjoy the link.

I’m getting very excited for fall. I’m looking forward to getting into some work projects and wearing some fall fashions. Nothing has changed too much from last year fashion-wise, so I’ll mainly be shopping in my closet, with the exception of a bell sleeved blazer from Zara that is cheap and cheerful. Generally, I’m not in favour of disposable fashion but I find a piece or two modernizes a more permanent wardrobe.

I hope you have a wonderful week. If you are in full eclipse-viewing territory, enjoy! It’s meant to be spectacular.


Love to hear from you!

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