For such a time as this


Happy Friday!

If you are looking for something to uplift you today, check out Kimberley Mitchell’s video.

She talks about one of my favourite women of the Bible: Esther.

Esther was a queen who ended up as one of many in a harem (think the Playboy mansion with no AC). She had to humble herself and show tremendous strength to save her people, but knew she’s been prepared for that role all along. It’s good!

(Also, I had an great aunt Esther who wore smart suits, pearls, gloves, and a great fur coat. She had worked long before adopting her daughter and had a level of sophistication that reminded me of women in old movies. She was a fan of all things Elizabeth Arden. She sometimes took me to the restaurant in Woodwards with her women friends for lunch. I think I had my first Club Sandwich on her watch. So I’m super fond of the name, as – to me – it represents strong, capable women.)

I met Kimberley at Crossroads when we were both single mamas and she gave me a book on single parenting. She is as real as it gets.

We both did the single parent thing for the better part of a decade and are now both remarried. She’s now in sunny Nashville with a horse in her backyard. It’s a very sweet story. I need to road trip it down to Nashville to hang out with her one of these days.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I plan to get in lots of rest and have some lovely meals. Also, it’s fall weather now and you know that makes me happy!


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