The Dynasty remake is on Netflix.


The remake is by the makers of Gossip Girl so you know it’s going to be stylish.

Oh happy day.

I love terrible TV and this does not disappoint.

The weddings. The cat fights. The staircase.

Death by Wind Turbine!

It’s all back.

The people are all back too.

Blake, Fallon, Cristal (the spelling is new), Sammy Jo, Steven.

Kind of loving Fallon right now.


And there are rumours – sweet rumours – that Alexis will be back. But who will play her? So many great choices. Hurley, Zeta Jones, Beckinsale. Georgina Chapman would be an inspired choice. She could give someone a dressing down for daring to wear Donna Karan to a function. And we would cheer.

There are so few things I can watch on TV or at the movies anymore. Most things are just too dark or too violent. (I found Zootopia triggering.) I’m glad there is something that is silly, frothy, soapy fun, so I can have as my guilty pleasure while I wait for Greenleaf Season 2 to hit Netflix.

What are you watching this fall?

Love to hear from you!

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