Thanksgiving and Not-So-Perfect Lives

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since most of my readers are American, I hope you are about to have a day filled with turkey, football, and people you love. And if you are not doing the traditional thing, I hope you have some nice plans.

 If you’ve read this month’s Veranda magazine, you likely oohed and awed over Danielle Rollins’s beautiful home. Now, whenever I see a story like this, I feel a stab of envy. Here is this pretty blonde lady with two cute dogs and a beautiful home where her closet paint matches her favourite lipstick!

 I assumed her back-story was perfection.

So you could knock me over with a feather when I saw an interview with Danielle over at The Pink Clutch and she revealed her life had been far from perfect. She has gone through the kinds of problems – children’s health issues, messy divorce – that can’t be solved with money. And to help put her life back together, she focused on creating the most beautiful home possible for herself and her kids, and even managed to write Soiree: Entertaining with Style.

Her perfect life was not so perfect and she’s simply played the cards she’s been given. Isn’t that so often the case? Because I’ve been as open as I can be about my own story, people tend to open up to me and I’ve learned that behind every perfect picture tends to be a much more complicated story. But on Thanksgiving or any holiday, it can be hard to keep that in mind as the photos of perfect families flood Instagram.

This Thanksgiving, remember Anne Lamott’s quote: “Never compare your insides to everyone else’s outsides.” We are all leading messy lives. Just not on social media.


One comment

  1. So true Jen. The white washed lived shown in our media helps no one. I love to peek behind the curtain to see the real lives people live. Sounds like an article I need to read…I also need to paint my closet:) xox


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