Hallmark Christmas Movie Beauty and Style

After about 500 hours of Christmas movie viewing time, I think I’ve cracked the Hallmark look.

The Makeup

Full hair, rosy cheeks and lips, fresh scrubbed shiny skin. Like Emilie Ullerup in With Love, Christmas.


Here’s how to get the look. (PS: Sephora is having a sale tomorrow if you are a VIB or Beauty Insider (it starts today if you are Rouge) so tomorrow is a good day to stock up on Hallmark-ish basics.)

1. Blinc Mascara is a tuning mascara that will not come off when you cry, which you inevitably do!

2. Marc Jacobs Ultra-Skinny eye pencil is an easy way to get a subtle line

3. Estee Lauder Brow Gel is subtle shaper and tamer.

4. Laura Mercier’s Shimmer Bloc in Pink Mosaic has been my go-to ever since I heard Nigella likes it. She has that Hallmark-y look.

5. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose is perfect for keeping your lips looking healthy during all of those choreographed snowball fights with the widower fireman who runs an animal rescue on the side…

From Christmas at Holly Lodge

The Clothes

The women wear soft sweaters and giant scarves.

From Switched for Christmas

The sweaters should coordinate.

From Christmas in Evergreen

And they always have a Great Coat. Not Meghan Markle great, but pretty great just the same.

From Christmas in Evergreen

Two identities? Two coats!

From Switched for Christmas

The men wear plaid. Lots and lots of plaid. LL Bean was invented for Hallmark men.

The Town

Everyone always lives in the world’s cutest towns. They are names Evergreen or Cookie Jar. There is always a big steepled church and lots of cute shops and a Christmas market.

From Christmas in Evergree

There are always gatherings so the townspeople can show off their coats and scarves.

From The Christmas Cottage

Dundas, Ontario is the closest place to me I’ve found that looks like this, which is probably why lots of these movies have been filmed there.

The House

You need an adorable old house. With a porch. McMansions need not apply. And there needs to be a giant wood burning fireplace.

From The Christmas Cottage

The Vehicle

You need an old truck or Jeep with a wreath. Nothing else will do.

From Christmas in Evergreen

The Dog

Everyone needs a cute dog!

From Switched for Christmas

Hallmark, if you need your next star terrier, Teddy is available!

Are you embracing the Hallmark look this Christmas? I am!


  1. Teddy needs to get a role in one of these movies!Love the Christmas movie style. Just thinking I need to watch The Holiday, wasn't the English cottage the ultimate? But my favourite Christmas movie is ELF, I can't help it. xx


  2. YOU are hilarious! It's great to know others are watching these kitschy movies, too. I put them on when I'm going to be in the kitchen cooking for a while. I am definitely going to have to take a good look at my coat, scarf and sweater collection! Hope your holidays are really special this year.


  3. He is such an ill-behaved pup in so many ways (eating the furniture!!) but he loves the camera and behaves for that. So maybe I should get him an agent lol I love the cottage in The Holiday. I want a country house with that same look!! We are big Elf fans too. We've watched it once as a family and they kids are on their third viewing! Xx


  4. I love them. My favourite is one where the woman is a cat lover but they don't even spring for a cat actor. It's just a photo of a cat in a cat carrier. I'll have to chase down the name of it. But the coats are always inspiring!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season too, Barb! Thanks for commenting. Xx


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