2018 Interior Design: House of Hackney

via Elle

We recently talked about design trends for 2018. We are starting to move away from modern and embracing more traditional styles. Whoo hoo! I’ll finally be back in fashion!

I cannot think of a brand that better defines this type of design than House of Hackney. Don’t you just want to step into the picture and have a cup of tea (or is that tea…) with co-founder Frieda Gorman? House of Hackney takes traditional prints like those of William Morris and pumps them up a notch. Imagine a Dorothy Draper x Baz Luhrmann collaboration and you’ll have the HOH look.

They launched with this Hackney Empire print that I absolutely loved, done on a sumptuous velvet. It’s whimsical without devolving into twee.

They are are not cheap, but they are very high quality and I always think you cannot go wrong paying for well-made pieces.  I bought a couple of pillows 5 or 6 years ago and they have lasted through many movie nights, three dogs, and endless games of Forza.

Their wallpaper game is strong and HOH X William Morris Artemis paper brings new life to Millennial Pink. It would be perfect in a powder room.

I’m loving this Florika Cheetah Lampstand with Tilia Velvet Lampshade. It’s almost as crazy as the leg lamp in A Christmas Story, but pulls back before it goes too far.

Their sofas are everything. Look at this Wilton Wild Card Sofa in Butterscotch.

It would be perfect in that rarely used dining room that you convert into a library to stay on trend.

Are you planning some fun touches in your home to usher in 2018?


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  1. That lamp! I love it!And the pink wallpaper too, you're right that would be so pretty in a powder room, or lining a closet maybe? I'm not planning to do any decorating this year with the exception of sewing up fabrics I already own into pillows and tablecloths, I have a hoard of fabrics I have to use up. I also spent a fortune on custom wrought iron railings and an antique rug in the fall… I do love colour and layers, and traditional design, just like you. xx


  2. I love your style! That rug was well worth it! I love HOH pieces but am just looking this year. We are doing a master bathroom reno this year but that's it. Our Costco house (as I call it…) just absorbs pieces and my parlour is full to the brim. When I design a smaller, post-kids home, I plan to fill it to the gunnels with HOH. Xx


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