2018 Paint Colours and Sale at The Cross

Look at the colours for 2018. Aren’t they gorgeous!

Benjamin Moore

When I was in school for interior decorating back in 2013, I had the chance to work with the Colour Marketing Institute to help predict the colours of 2015. We used inspiration from entertainment, movies, the runway, and the news to help predict what people wanted to wear and see in their homes. For me, the inspirations were The Great Gatsby’s golds and champagnes and Kelly Osbourne’s greyed lavender hair. Chanel’s late 2000s Blue Satin inky blue-black nail polish was also an inspiration.

This is what the 2015 colours were.

I’d love to know the inspiration behind the 2018 colours, which would have been chosen in 2016. I adore the pink – rose – burgundy colours and they feel slightly fresher than the more coral Millennial Pink.

I’ve been pulling the pink accessories I have in my house forward and I bought a bunch of pink tops on boxing day.

If you are looking to inject more pink into your home, Vancouver’s The Cross Decor and Design has lots of great pieces. They, like Black Rooster and Putti in Toronto, always have all kinds of pretty.

I don’t have any affiliation with The Cross, but wanted to share that they are having their winter sale starting tomorrow. I won’t be shopping, since I’m still in No Spend January, but if I were, these are some of the pieces I’d love to see go on sale.

This Shell Bisque Pitcher is a lovely soft pink.

This Gobi Pink Throw is luxurious. 

Look at these pretty tumblers!

These candles are gorgeous!

Are you thinking of incorporating the 2018 colours into your home?


Love to hear from you!

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