Treats for the Home + Organizing Style + (Sort of) Spend Less January

Hello February!

Buh-bye longest January ever!

I’ve been on this no spending diet. It’s not a fast: more like a slimming plan. But the spending freeze mindset has saved me from myself as I’ve become very convinced that I need The Frame TV.

Our Stepford home is one of these newfangled ones with one giant room serving as the foyer, living room, dining room, and kitchen with a big old Dynasty staircase in the middle of it all. It looks enough like a Costco without having an obvious tv hanging on the wall like in the electronic section. I’m amazed I’ve not been accosted by someone in my kitchen looking for the 99 cent hot dogs. So, obviously a tv that blends in like art is sort of a must. Right?

Wrong. Thanks to the spending freeze, we still have the old TV, which is too high for proper viewing. It’s OK. I really like to read…

Even though I demonstrated extreme self-control around this TV, I’ve not been perfect in the not-buying it department. My downfall is Indigo where they offer pretty little things that seem like needs but really are not.

A Filofax is basically a need and, right now, Indigo has Filofaxes on deep discount. My first day planner was a Filofax (bought at Laywine’s in Toronto in the late early ’90s.)

I bought an A5 at 50% off as a binder for my work projects. This gorgeous Filofax in Duck Egg (swoon!) also caught my eye and she’s only $48 right now, if you are looking for such an item.

One of my resolutions is to drink more water and they had a Kate Spade Tumbler that matches my desk. (If you want your own, wait until the weekend to shop, since they tend to have 15% off most non-book items then)

Hey, hydration is important!

Also, my old no-name oils diffuser just conked out and I’m very particular what my diffuser looks like since they are out there in the open.

I picked up a Saje diffuser.

(I find that diffusers tend to conk out after a while so try to find something on sale if you are looking for one! I hope this one lasts well.)

I also bought some oil from my friend Capricorn and Clove (Young Living’s spearmint food oil for my water and Thieves spray.) Frankly, I find the oil a little bitter in my drinking water – I think I’d prefer it in hot chocolate or baking or my bathtub! The Thieves spray is sold as a cleaner but smells sooo good. It will be my official Thanksgiving through Christmas scent next year for sure.

I bought a heart tea towel at Dollarama that looks like my slightly dented Emma Bridgewater tins. Normally I’m not a huge fan of Dollarama fare except for cards or gift wrap, but this is a pretty decent towel for $1.50. It washed up nicely without the colours bleeding or requiring ironing and it will be cute for Valentine’s Day.

I’ve not been as disciplined as Dani, but I’m still fairly pleased with my progress.

Did you attempt a spend-less January? Are you planning to continue it? If you need a spending accountability partner, habit changer, Gail Vaz-Oxlade, has a hilarious twitter feed that will bring you down to earth.


Love to hear from you!

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