Brunch + Studio Shoot + Spice Girls

Happy weekend!

I spent all day yesterday in studio to kick off season 3 of See Hear Love. We have lots of great LOVE show coming up for February. We are working with Becca from Netflix’s Cheer Squad, who is super sweet and the queen of all things digital media-related.

Here, I look tall. Cameras lie.
You can still get my blush lace top for $16 USD from Zara. My pants are fake leather from H&M. They key to TV dressing is fast fashion. I don’t like the idea of disposable fashion, but if this was all Prada, I’d be broke. I’ll still handwash it all and stretch out the life as long as I can. 
There were lots of special guests on the shows including award-winning artists, Brooke Nicholls and Drew Brown
Here I look short: just goes to show DO NOT TRUST PHOTOS! 

I’m obsessed with Brooke Nicholls’s As You Wish moto jacket from [BlankNYC]. The embroidery is gorgeous!

Today, I’m having brunch at one of my favourite spots in Toronto: Cluny.

Not sure what I’ll have. I know I’ll want this french toast, but won’t have it on account of the whole egg allergy thing. Boo!

I might pop by Deciem after to check out the shop. 
Who else is excited for a Spice Girl reunion?I think they look even better now than when they were 20. 

I think women are prettiest in their 40s. And that’s not just because I’m in my 40s!

Enjoy your weekend!


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