TV Makeup Removal + Herbivore Blue Tansy and Brighten Masks

Hello loves,

It’s beauty Tuesday and, today, we are talking skincare 911.

Friday, I filmed, which meant studio makeup. Which meant breakouts.

I have the world’s most sensitive skin and have never really been able to wear foundation, so studio makeup is the worst possible thing for me (I rarely wear full foundation – not even for wedding photos!) The minute I get home, I take off all of the makeup using cheap Costco makeup wipes because there is a LOT of makeup to remove to make me look presentable. (Seriously glam: Julie gives me lashes and cheekbones!!!)

I then wash well using First Aid Beauty cleanser, since it’s mild. I Clarisonic just to make sure.

Then, I use Bioderma Micelle solution, which I’m happy I no longer have to cart back from trips abroad (I love french drug store products because Parisian women really are very pretty.)

Clémence Poésy always looks naturally great.

Then, I mask.

First, I use the old faithful: Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal mask. It’s not pretty. It does not have a lovely smell. But it gets the job done. And I use that Neutrogena Darth Vader mask thing for acne. It is literally the stupidest looking thing on the planet but it kills the bacteria that causes breakouts.

I wear no makeup for the next few days (I really no longer wear makeup unless I’m going out somewhere very fancy or will be filmed. If people want to see pretty me, they can just go on YouTube.)

I went to fancypants Cluny for brunch on Saturday looking like this. Not even undereye concealer. That, my friends, is bold.

After all that, I wait a day and then start using the Herbivore masks since they are very mild. (Right now, Herbivore is 30% off at Indigo online.)

I alternate between Blue Tansy and Brighten.

Brighten promises to be a “truly natural radiance mask featuring gentle Fruit Enzymes, Rice Powder, and micronized Brazilian Tourmaline gemstone. This mask illuminates and energizes skin and exfoliates gently and naturally, giving skin a fresh new glow. Continual use increases radiance, softness, and a renewed appearance.”

It does make my skin look glowy, which I imagine is due to the exfoliating nature of the pineapple enzymes. In all honesty, I have no idea if it does anything longer term. But I love the smell and it feels great on. Plus it forces me to relax for 20 minutes. I tend to apply masks in the bath while I read. The half hour of relaxation may be the real driver of glowiness, but the mask is a beautiful forcing function!

Blue Tansy Mask bills itself as a “truly natural clarifying and cooling gel mask that gently exfoliates, smooths, and resurfaces skin.” I love the smell, but I suspect it might not be for everyone. It’s sort of fruity floral. Kiwi perhaps? It’s quite distinct. and I have a feeling it’s like cilantro: you love or you hate. I feel like this mask does more long term in terms of exfoliation.

Anyways, I slap that on, wash it off and then use Deciem’s $5 miracle known as Salicylic Acid 2%.

Then I leave my face alone. I’m not even wearing the awesome new lip colour that Julie, the studio’s awesome makeup artist, introduced me to: NYX’s Milan (a mid-tone blue-toned pink that made me look refreshed and awake!)

So there you have it: I think I’m what one calls low-maintenance. (Honestly, does anyone else have such sensitive skin? Geesh!)

Have you had TV spackle applied? What’s your heavy makeup cleaning routine?

Love to hear from you!

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