Love + Faith

From See Hear Love

Today launches the third season of See Hear Love. I started with a guest role last summer and now I’m their regular blogger and co-host some shows. I did some TV a long time ago, but if you’d asked me last year at this time what I’d be doing, I’d say I’d be selling crystals at a yoga place. It just goes to show, you just never know. Also, His plans really are better than ours!

For those of you who have been with me from the very beginning (I started out as a mommy blogger with TO Mama in 2004 and later had a blog called MUBAR or Mothered Up Beyond All Recognition that was somewhat well-known) you’ll know my faith walk was very shaken when I found myself in an abusive dating situation post-divorce that continues to stress my relationship with the church. But God keeps coming back for me somehow.

Today’s show is all about Love for God. Later in the month, we talk about love for family and community. There is even a Valentine’s Day craft.

You can check out today’s show here or watch it on YES TV tonight at 8:30pm.

If you like the top I’m wearing, it’s another winner winner chicken dinner from Zara and it’s on sale for $12.99.

I blog about the topic of Love as well. Here is a snippet:

Of course, we love God. He made the flowers and the beaches and that little girl on YouTube who crashes her dad’s important interview with BBC News. So we greet each other with “God is good!” and drink out of our “I heart Jesus” coffee mugs. We love God like we love the flowers and the beaches and the little girl on YouTube. Love ya, God!

But Jesus didn’t just say to love God; Jesus says to love the Lord, our God with all our heart and with all our soul.


Not some of our heart. Not 95% of our soul. He doesn’t say to send God a like on Facebook, or send Him a couple of heart emojis on Instagram.

That’s not enough. And it’s not not enough because God is some narcissist demanding our praise. It’s not enough because God wants a heart and soul relationship with us.

If you are looking for a faithful start to your week, I encourage you to check it out!


Love to hear from you!

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